Tool Maintenance

For your tooling maintenance needs, Wilson Tool offers a variety of solutions such as the shear grinding fixture, Zip-Mar adhesive disks, urethane ejector inserts, the Wilson Tool demagnetizer, nylon vice jaws, and assembly fixtures.

Wilson Tool’s Shear Grinding Fixture Wilson Tool’s Shear Grinding Fixture is used for putting shears on all size punches and adapters.

Zip-Mar Adhesive Disks Zip-Mar Adhesive Disks reduce the costly marring of material by a stripper. The disk is applied to the bottom of a standard stripping guide or stripper plate. A hole is then cut with a sharp knife to reveal the existing hole in the stripper. Available in A, B, C and D stations.

Urethane Ejector Inserts Urethane Ejector Inserts from Wilson Tool are available for all size punches.

Wilson Tool demagnetizer When a punch and die have been re-ground they retain a certain amount of magnetism after being held by a magnetic chuck. The Wilson Tool demagnetizer is the perfect solution for demagnetizing your parts.

Nylon Vice Jaws Wilson Tool Thick/Thin Turret Strippit Nylon Vice Jaws are used to aid in the assembly and maintenance of A & B Station Thick Turret and 1-1/4" Station Thin/Strippet style punch assemblies.

Assembly Fixtures Our Assembly Fixtures are the ideal bench mounted aid for assembling and retaining a variety of assemblies, including Thick Turret, Strippit Style, Trumpf Style, and Pullmax Style.