We like fishing with a 9 or 10 foot rod that is eight weight. If you're fly fishing, a single-handed, 9-ft or 10-ft, 7- or 8-wt rod and large arbor reel with a good drag and floating line is an excellent choice. Steelhead Bomber, Size #6-#8 a Deadly Top Water Fly. The type of fishing you are doing will have a big influence on your rod choices. Fly Rod and Reel. The following is a top 10 list of the Do’s and Don’ts of Indicating for Steelhead: n 1) Do use a “tandem” fly setup when indicating. Steelhead can be the fish of 1000 casts or you could get 50 steelhead a day. Try an egg fly (top fly) with a bead-head nymph as the bottom fly. tippet weight and length and anything else I may need to know that I cant think of. Here’s some advice from three hardcore great lakes steelhead anglers. Longer rods can be beneficial in lifting and turning over large indicators, weighted flies, and split shot. Switch rods in the 10-12’ 7-8wt are a great double handed option. Fly anglers have adjusted their tackle and are doing something similar to the Center Pin approach. Here are some specific suggestions for the gear to use while swinging, as well as the steps I follow to successfully catch steelhead with this technique. G.Loomis IMX Steelhead Side Drift Spinning Rod; 2. There is a wide range of gear choices can do the job. This is a great way to keep your flies off … Read More. Casting a Switch Rod. m To choose the right rod/s for Midwest steelheading, you must take into account two critical components: the size and character of the average river, and the tactics you plan to employ. The Echo SR Switch Rod is a great choice for salmon or steelhead. Shop all the Best Steelhead Fly Rods from every top brand including Sage, Scott, Winston, G Loomis, Orvis, Redington, Echo, and TFO. I use a 2 fly setup whenever I can simply because it increases my chance of catching more trout, steelhead, and even salmon in the rivers. line in order for it to descend the water column quicker. While summer-run fish in desert and southern rivers tend to respond eagerly to floating flies on dry lines, winter steelhead are more than likely hugging the bottoms of rivers and loathe to feed in high-flowing, cold waters. How's it done: Swinging for steelhead usually involves long two-handed fly rods and using a unique set of casting techniques to launch large flies long distances so that they can be "swung" through the current and into prime fish holding areas. How Did We Review the Steelhead Rod and Made the List? I. Now that you’re dressed for success and know where to find fish, arm yourself with the right equipment. Greg Senyo, owner of Steelhead Alley Outfitters: No, it is not a sales hype. I am new to fly fishing and want to try to learn the right way. Float Rod for Winter Steelhead ... Brighter beads give your set up a larger lure profile and greater visibility in murky water, ... A yarn fly is a very beginner-friendly piece of bait because it’s easy to make with inexpensive materials. Hooking a steelhead is hard to describe, but watching a steelhead smash or sip a dry fly off the surface is something else entirely. We have every 2020 Steelhead Fly Rod in stock, including two-handed switch and spey rods. For single-hand rods, a … Speed, depth, and angle are critical when presenting a fly to a steelhead. Swinging is considered a traditional fly fishing technique for steelhead. A 2 fly setup allows the angler to cover 2 parts of the water column at the same time. Whether you prefer to use a fly rod or a float rod, or a spinning rod I can help you get better at catching more steelhead. RODS. The type of fishing that an angler is looking for, will determine the type of fly rod that will be best. Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Gear List (Click here or scroll below to see more details/videos for each of the items in this list) Fly Rod – Two Handed #8-9 – [our recommendation]; Fly Line – Two Skagit heads – One standard and the other a dual or triple density line. Although we may never understand all of the variables that attract a steelhead to a given section of water, and ultimately what leads to a successful hook-up, the following paragraphs will hopefully give you some ideas to ponder before heading out the door with fly rod in hand. A 9-10’ 7-9wt single handed rod is a great starting point and where many of us who adopted the swing began our steelhead fly fishing journey. A 12- or 13-foot spey rod is sufficient in most cases for Skagit or Scandi spey lines. And on and on. Basic Nymph Setup for Steelhead; Swinging for Steelhead. There are definitely preferred fly rods for fishing Great Lakes steelhead. This setup is great for fishing tandem nymph rigs which is a popular method in Steelhead Alley. 12. Other Resources. Since most steelhead fly rods are in the 9 to 10 foot range you’re talking about a similar size leader. For anybody that has tried these tactics for steelhead, I'm just curious what everybody has been enjoying in terms of leaders and fly setups. If you primarily fish with an indicator, the best rod choice would be a 10-foot 7-weight single-hand rod. The Echo SR Switch Rod is a great choice for trout spey or steelhead. It’s worth noting that a steelhead swinging fly rod setup will also work fine, but if you’re specifically buying gear to go nymphing this is what you should get. A 9-foot, 6- or 7-weight is the preferred rod for winter steelheaders on the Salmon River. For my leader, I plan on just a beefed up version of my typical euro setup: 10-12' 20b Maxima Chamelon + 3' 15lb Amnesia + 18" 12lb bicolor sighter + 3mm tippet ring w/bunny ears + 1-3x fluoro tippet of varying length depending on water. Fly Fishing Gear. Three and a Half Tips on Fly Fishing for Steelhead Tom's Steelhead Tips. 10-foot 7-weight 11-foot 6-weight switch. One of the best analogies for selecting a rod is one of selecting a golf club. A good steelhead float rod will be practically useless for casting larger spoons or spinners into deep pockets so understanding what type of setup is required is crucial to choosing the right steelhead rod. By using long, 11ft +/- rods, floats and fly lines, fly anglers, too, can get their flies to drift drag-free with lots of careful mending. In fly fishing a small 3 weight rod might be perfect for tiny mountain streams chasing beautiful brook trout, but, that same fly rod used for a nice steelhead would quickly snap and end up becoming a stake to hold up tomatoes in the garden. The upper fly-fishing-only area is closed from November 30 to April 1. ; Sink Tips – Various tips from 3.9 inches per second to 11 inches per second. Starting at the fly line connection, your total leader length should be about the length of the rod plus 24”-30.” For cold Winter days, lighten the leader to 8-10lb. A good all-around length would be about a 13’6″ rod. After years of instructing the proper techniques using a centerpin rod and reel, Fly … Steelhead like water that is the pace of a walk and will seek shelter near underwater obstructions, which aren’t always obvious.