Mokelumne Wilderness pdf, NF Topo Hiking Map As you will arrive at Sonora Pass on the PCT route only a mile East of the TYT's access point on Highway 108 at Saint Marys Pass, you will have substantially the same hitch-hike down to Kennedy Meadows to rejoin the the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail route Southbound to Yosemite. Check out, The Pacific Crest Trail route Vs. The annual traffic is heavy when the "main body" of PCT hikers pass through the Sierra Nevada, and I'm glad it goes around the heart of the Emigrant Wilderness. Hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail will see little of the Stanislaus National Forest. I strongly suggest hiking the Highland Creek connector to the TYT from Wolf Creek while hiking North on the PCT in the Carson Iceberg Wilderness, and visa-versa if you are hiking South on the TYT. Stanislaus National Forest Permit Rules . The Pacific Crest Trail route Vs. From the south, the wilderness is accessible from Cherry Lake, along the border with Yosemite National Park. maps index, TW region Map Well, not necessarily. National Forest Visitor Maps provide an overview of recreational uses, trails, roads, streams, lakes, landforms, land administration, visitor centers, facilities, campgrounds and picnic areas. Southbound hikers on the PCT will miss the hike up and over Tyron Peak, the cow-pie water of Noble Lake, and the volcanic terrain and forest that composes Noble Canyon's Eastward drainage. I have laid these options out on the Carson Iceberg Wilderness Map. Permit Information, National Forest Summer Hours ), Saint Marys Pass to Yosemite Boundary: The TYT, Stanislaus NF, Emigrant Wilderness. The tiny Carson Pass Management Area that surrounds the Carson Pass itself is administered by the Amador Ranger District of the El Dorado National Forest. Bee Gulch, South side of the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness, Hiking Map PERMIT INFORMATION, Emigrant, Carson Iceberg, and Mokelumne Wilderness Areas, The Key Points maps index, National Forest & Trail GuideMaps, Miles, and Elevations, NF Topo Hiking Map Here's how you do it: Rather than passing out of Yosemite National Park through Dorothy Lake Pass into the Toiyabe National Forest on your way North to Sonora Pass, you instead turn Northwest through Bond Pass into Emigrant Wilderness, then hike down the TYT route to pick up your re supply at Kennedy Meadows Pack Station, rather than hitch-hike from Sonora Pass. To the Northwest we look down towards Kennedy Lake and another quick way to hike down to Kennedy Meadows Pack Station. Got a few days you need to kill? Situated in the central Sierra Nevada, camping at Cherry Valley campground offers many beautiful sights. Well, not a whole lot of the Pacific Crest Trail, unless you put your mind, and your feet towards making that happen. The terrain on the Eastern and Western Flanks of the Sierra are considerably different. to Kennedy Meadows to Stanislaus National Forest, Backpacking During these 68 miles we crossed the Western sections of the Mokelumne and Carson Iceberg Wilderness, and hiked across the heart of the Emigrant Wilderness. Trail Guide Got it? Yosemite National Park, Stanislaus National Forest At Lake Alpine you are in position to hike through the unmaintained section of trail along the TYT up to your reunion with the PCT at Carson Pass. Calaveras District 5519 Highway 4 PO Box 500 Hathaway Pines, CA 95233. Stanislaus National Forest Map. Sanitation Pick up a free permit at any Stanislaus National Forest Ranger Station. Too Easy? Stay Connected. But let's not get out of balance, as the Stanislaus National Forest administers amazing terrain in the Mokelumne, Carson Iceberg, and Emigrant Wilderness along the West flank of the Sierra Crest. I've never stopped into or called the main office. I've woven various sweet routes through and around the Stanislaus along my Lake Tahoe to Mount Whitney hikes over the years, and come back repeatedly to tie them together into big loops around the higher elevation elements of both the Carson Iceberg and Emigrant Wilderness Areas. Weather, Highway 108 Corridor Contact Information, Big Picture Map Section Hiking the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail Abbott Creek Camping Area—Sequoia National Forest. Emigrant Wilderness (to purchase), Tahoe to Whitney The Southbound Tahoe to Yosemite hiker will not see the Toiyabe National Forest again after entering Summit City Creek. The Northern entrance into the Stanislaus National Forest along the TYT is a difficult way to enter the forest. This regulation helps protect delicate lakeside vegetation, preserves solitude, protects water quality, and allows recovery of closed campsites. Note the second connector between the trails. But you have an excellent alternative to the Pacific Crest Trail route. Sonora, CA 95370, Classic National Forest This Guide is constructed primarily for long distance backpackers hiking North to South along the length of the Sierra Nevada Crest line along the Tahoe to Yosemite, Pacific Crest, and John Muir Trails. These free permits are required year-round. Most the the Pacific Crest Trail and its part of these three wilderness areas are within the Toiyabe National Forest on the East side of the Sierra Crest. When we get to Highway 108 we will look across it at the Emigrant Wilderness of the Stanislaus National Forest. There's no fees and no reservation system. I've got to check that... but it's a great piece of trail and stunning country that the PCT misses. Be aware that you must display your permit in your vehicle while parked at a SNO-PARK or you risk a parking citation. Carson Iceberg Wilderness Backpacking Loops and Trips. Scope of the Stanislaus Sonora Pass Corridor Along Highway 4 we find a series of trailheads South into the Carson Iceberg Wilderness of the Stanislaus National Forest. Located in the Stanislaus National Forest, ... but it’s not close enough to feel the proximity of civilization. Leavitt Peak Buck: I suspect that this Big Boy was at 11,000 feet to stay above the hunters. Trail Guide 0. Trailhead Descriptions PDF. The majority of the PCT hiker's trail between Carson Pass and Yosemite Lays within the Toiyabe National Forest. The Toiyabe administers the Eastern Sierra Flank from Lake Tahoe South to Highway 120. Just delicious. The 160,000 acre Carson-Iceberg Wilderness straddles the crest of the central Sierra Nevada, within the Stanislaus and Toiyabe National Forests. Ranger Districts. Pacific Crest Trail Route: MODIFICATIONS for the ADVENTUROUS PCT-TYT HIKER. Supervisor's Office 19777 Greenley Road Sonora, CA 95370.