by the emperor of Japan The Plott Hound is a powerful, muscular hunting hound. In other words, they’re not enormous—they’re well-muscled but lithe, with … Lifespan: 12 - 14 years The dog has square-shaped muzzle and teeth should meet in a scissor bite. Plott Hound has a glossy coat that is dense enough to protect him from the Related Topics: Plott Hound. "He is a gentle giant, so friendly and such a cuddlebug." Find Plott Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Plott information. Georg Plott and his brother, brought five Hanoverian Schweisshundens with them rough terrain of the mountains in western North Carolina. Height: 20 - 28 inches at the shoulder. Male Plott Hounds weigh 50 to 60 on average. to hunt bears that were attacking villagers and their animals. Guszilla the Plott Hound at 3 years old, weighing a massive 137 pounds! The Plott Hound is a large dog standing between 50 and 71cm in height, both male and female, and weighing in at between 18 to 27kg. A Plott Hound should measure approximately 20 to 25 in (55 to 71 cm) at the withers for males, 20 to 23 in (53 to 63 cm) for females. he is trained to accept and respect them. Please note this is an estimate based on typical growth patterns for Plott Hound puppies. guarding the home from intruders. Height of Plott Hound: 20-25 inches (51-63 cm) training goes best when treats are used as a reward. The cost to buy a Plott Hound varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Today, the Plott Hound is still an all-around dog that has the ability to The Plott is a scent hound that was originally bred for the purpose of hunting and the Lab is a Retriever. Marley is easy to train if there are treats involved, and she is always happy to be with her people. She walks well on leash as long as you allow her time to sniff about. The Plott Hound is considered the hardiest of the coonhounds. curry brush. Size, Weight, and Height: Plott hound breeds are usually medium size when they grow older. He’s also goofy and funny. The breed was officially named the Plott Hound in 1946, when the United Kennel Club (UKC) recognized it. Weight: 40 - 60 lb. He loves food and But unlike most other American hound dogs, this breed descends from German hunting dogs, not the foxhound. He is amazing with small kids and is very gentle and patient with them. By whitneywooyy. This is Duke the Plott Hound at 12 months old, weighing 75 pounds! TODAY'S FUNCTION Cold trailing, bear, boar and raccoon hunting, night hunts. Reproducibility - Plott Hound vs Mountain Cur coat is easy to maintain and he should be brushed occasionally, usually once a Plott Hound Coat Type - LOW shedding coat: The coat type is described as a short, fine coat. I had to select our route ahead of time as not to loop back around her home to keep her engaged for a 60-minute walk. A plott hound is a large-sized scenthound, primarily developed for hunting bears. Today I spoiled her with some doggy massages and belly rubs and she repaid me with giving me hugs and kisses! Male Plott Hounds are typically 20 to 25 inches tall at the withers while female Plott Hounds are typically 20 to 23 inches tall at the withers. The Plott Hound was first registered with the United Kennel Club in 1946. Very smart and always a pleasure to walk. She is delightful. Personality The Plott Hound is a large dog standing between 50 and 71cm in height, both male and female, and weighing in at between 18 to 27kg. The Plott Hound is a large dog standing between 50 and 71cm in height, both male and female, and weighing in at between 18 to 27kg. Accurate Estimated. Weight / Height. Plott Hounds are quite a healthy breed, with a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. The Plott’s smooth, glossy coat requires minimal grooming. She was an amazing dog. Australian Shepherd. She would let nothing get to our family and was always on the lookout for danger. We got King from a shelter, just recently. 1989, North Carolina named the She's a wonderful home companion and protector. week or so, to remove loose or dead hairs. Male Plott Hounds weigh 50 to 60 on average. She is was very easy to train though. The Plott Hound is a medium-sized, powerful, muscular dog. We lost her 3 days ago to lymphoma. Wheras, a male Plott Hound is 50–71 cm weighing about 23–27 kg. to the Foxhound. accomplish many jobs. When outside, Marley loves to sniff and sniff and sniff. Weight Range. Plott Hound Size, Height and Weight . He is a very vocal dog with his voice being high-pitched and very Both are known for their stamina and endurance. The Plott Hound is the only American hound without British ancestry. Guszilla aka Gus the Plott Hound at 1 year old, weighing 110 pounds! It has large floppy ears which hang closely to its cheeks. changed his name to Jonathan Plott. apartments or even subdivisions should not bring a Plott Hound into their This breed loves running and playing. A mother Plott Hound gives birth to 6-10 puppies at a time. Plott Hound Weight: The weight of the male in this medium sized dog is 40 - 75 pounds (18 - 34 kg). The Plott Hound descends directly from the Hanoverian Schweisshunden which is a type of Bloodhound. Being a hound, he does have a This is a breed that makes a great partner. General Appearance The Plott Hound is a medium-sized, muscular dog that is soundly put-together.