Beef fat- organic beef fat , great for cooking or making dripping. CHRISTMAS; ORGANIC PORK; ORGANIC BEEF; ORGANIC CHICKEN; ORGANIC LAMB; ORGANIC MUTTON; OFFALS AND FATS; Select Page. 01738 730201 Newmiln Farm, Tibbermore, Perthshire, PH1 1QN, Pastoral farming for climate friendly beef. Menu. Taken from the fat reserves on the inner carcass this dry organic fat is as versatile as it gets with many culinary uses and heaps of flavour. From grass fed traditional beef cattle, our organic beef fat is full of meaty flavour. Our organic beef is certified by the Soil Association, ensuring the highest animal welfare standards for our cattle. Organic agriculture is better for the environment and protects wildlife without using pesticides and chemicals. First of all, tallow refers to the rendered fat of an animal, most commonly beef or mutton fat. to Gluten Free Meat Balls and Organic Beef Burgers. My account; Cart; Checkout; 0 Items. All rights reserved. Basket: £0.00. Organic Soil Association approved mince beef with 5% fat Gluten Free. It’s a beautiful yellow colour which reflects the 100% pasture feeding we give our organic Aberdeen Angus beef cattle. In this article we’ll look at the 5 most important reasons to buy grass-fed beef in the UK. You can use it for suet pastry, Christmas pudding, traditional Christmas mincemeat, and we sell it also for people to render down to make their own beef dripping. Basket. There are several organic bodies in the UK who can offer this accreditation such as the Soil Association & Organic Farmers and Growers. Easy to order with convenient nationwide delivery. They are selected for us by trusted farmers who rear them on an organic diet and encourage them to graze as nature intended. The sound of them chewing against the backdrop of birdsong (l…. There must be a huge market for organic tallow, very strange this is the only one I can find. Important Updates! Organic Beef is made of a number of butchered cuts that come from a cow reared in an organic certified system. Organic Beef Dripping is rendered and ready to use directly from Gazegill Organic Farm from our 100% grass fed herd. 375 g The Healthy Butcher's organic Beef Tallow is rendered Beef Fat. You can use it for suet pastry, Christmas pudding, traditional Christmas mincemeat, and we sell it also for people to render down to make their own beef dripping. Our grass fed animals have a truly free-range life with plenty of fresh air and green fields to grow and thrive. Friendly and efficient service, we are here to help. We provide a full range of organic meat of consistently high quality and true provenance. From traditional favourites such as minced beef…. In Stock. Verified Purchase. Organic, natural, antibiotic-free, grass-fed – for those of us trying to eat consciously, it’s confusing at best. Order online via the website or call us by phone. G.M ingredients and artificial preservatives are banned under organic rules. Browse Departments. Each pack contains approx 500g. Moreover, the breed and cut of meat considerably affect the fat composition of beef . 2x ~230G. Summary. Company Registration No: 4785509 | VAT No: 819 3528 12, © Copyright 2021 Higher Hacknell. Delicious organic and grass fed beef, hung for a minimum of 28 days, butchered to order for UK home delivery. We hand render beef fat from well cared for cows that are grass fed to organic standards to make a beautiful rich CLA- full fat. Shop Ossa Organic Tallow | Traditional Beef Fat or Beef Dripping, British Grassfed Cows | Organic & Keto (1 x Tallow). Organic farming standards guarantee that animals are reared without the routine use of drugs or antibiotics. Otherwise known as ‘beef dripping,’ beef tallow is solid at room temperature, and it has a melting point somewhere between 38-48°C (100-118°F) . Company Registration No: 4785509 | VAT No: 819 3528 12. Genuine and fully traceable organic meat from field to fork. Albeit technical, today’s real talk matters. Our organic beef is certified by the Soil Association, ensuring the highest animal welfare standards for our cattle. All Lamb Quick Cook Stewing & Braising Roasting. We would love the opportunity to tender for your business. Chicken & Thyme Meatballs (500g) £ 3.20 Add to cart; Beef Roasting Joint (1kg) Sale! Here is just an example of some of our capabilities in meat; Preparation Mince; Meatballs; Slice; Dice; Sausage ; Pulled; Burger; Grills; Protein. Organic Pork. Producing Our Organic Beef. In the “grass-fed” program, the cattle continue to eat certified organic grass right up to the time of slaughter. We also have a small herd of British White cattle, this is a rare breed we are introducing for heritage grazing. © Copyright 2021 Higher Hacknell. £6.99 More Details. We are suppliers to Hugh Fearnley -Whitingstall’s River Cottage restaurants and canteens. Delivery is every week to everywhere in the mainland UK. This nutrient dense fat from the kidneys is in short supply, hence it is just … A good bowl of beef stew starts with great quality beef. Contact us about your requirements. Combo Pack- Grass Fed Lamb Tallow (7.5 oz),Pasture Raised Leaf Lard (14 oz),Organic Chicken Fat (7.5 oz),Cage Free Duck Fat (7.5 oz),Grass Fed Bison Tallow (7.5 oz),Grass Fed Beef Tallow (14 oz),Wild Boar Lard (7.5 oz) & Pasture Raised Pork Lard (14 oz) Fatworks $117.25 $93.80. Organic Raw Beef Tallow Fat (Raw) 500g. Organic British beef 5% fat mince Our organic cattle are farmed and reared in harmony with nature. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work that you have put in over the years for something you believe to be so right so that people like us can benefit. T: 01769 560909 Contact us Your account. Out of Stock. x x; Organic Meat Boxes. We choose slow-growing traditional breeds for the best flavour, and source from West Country family farmers who really know and care for their animals. I … Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast . Organic Boneless Chicken Thigh. We are happy to offer our advice and assistance, Call us on: 01769 560909 or email:, Beef fat great for cooking or making your own beef dripping, You can find out more about our delivery information here, © Copyright 2021 Higher Hacknell. In this article, we will focus specifically on beef tallow. $5.12 ~ 150g. The fat can be rendered down at home and is great for high heat cooking like frying and roasting. Well done Higher Hacknell. We are a small family run business and have a passion for what we do. 1 lb. We’ll define what the organic beef label means, how organic compares to grass-fed beef, and why it matters to us (and hopefully, to you). $8.10 . All our grass fed beef fat is rendered from native Welsh breeds such as the Welsh Black which is grass fed here on the farm. Add to cart . Beautiful yellow 100% pasture fed beef fat. How simple is that?! What is it that you are looking for? Unless … Ideal for carnivore, paleo and non-GMO diets.. Organic Beef Base Superior Touch Better Than Bouillon 1 serving 15 calories 1.0 grams carbs 0.5 grams fat 1.0 grams protein 0 grams fiber 0 mg cholesterol 0 grams saturated fat 700.0 mg sodium 0 grams sugar 0 grams trans fat Recommended by top chefs, food writers and our customers. Strictly speaking we use the internal fat from around the kidney for our 100% pasture fed organic beef fat. ✓100% ORGANIC & NATURAL - Our Tallow is rich in flavor and made using traditional methods. Additional information Additional information. Temperature: Frozen. The standards set by these bodies will affect the husbandry, birth, life, slaughter and processing of an organic beef animal. All Pork Quick Cook Stewing & Braising Roasting. The cattle live on a 100% pasture diet – NO GRAINS EVER and are reared to organic AND ‘Pasture for life’ standards, however sometimes are slaughtered at a family run abattoir (closer to the farm of origin) that has chosen not to go down the costly route of becoming organically certified. Use for roasting or basting for a fuller flavour. Meat & Fish: Meat comes to you fresh from our own organic butchery in Devon. A bit of background on organic Certified-organic "grass fed & finished" beef is the only meat that is delivered to the consumer in a completely natural way. Quite frankly, you can’t beat roast spuds cooked in this organic beef fat. Signature Pork Bacon - Locally Raised, Heritage Breed. Our meat is reared to the highest animal welfare standards. First, however, we’re going to explain exactly what grass-fed means, and how it differs from the standard beef … As organic cattle approach market weight, there are two feeding methods that producers most commonly use to deliver beef products to their customers: “grass-fed” and “grain-fed”. Combo Pack- Organic Chicken Fat (7.5 oz) & Grass Fed Beef Tallow (14 oz) Fatworks $28.75 $25.88. All rights reserved. All the latest news, offers and recipes from the farm. In the US it is most commonly used to refer to what we here in the UK call dripping – rendered beef fat. Graig Farm organic beef fat is of the purest quality and is perfect for adding to a variety of meats. Beautiful yellow 100% pasture fed beef fat. Company Registration No: 4785509 | VAT No: 819 3528 12, Our hoggets love a feast of organic kale and turnips. They eat 100% grass, not grain or genetically-modified feed, and are never contaminated by hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, pesticides or chemicals of any kind. There are many benefits to choosing Organic Grass-Fed British Meat. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page and cookie policy page. OSSA Organic Beef Tallow Jar (Ready to use) 265g. Grass-fed beef may contain less total fat than grain-fed beef, but a … All beef Quick Cook Stewing & Braising Roasting. Strictly speaking we use the internal fat from around the kidney for our 100% pasture fed organic beef fat. From grass-fed beef, to chickens pecking away in fields of clover, all are truly free to roam. Categories: Frozen Meat & Poultry, Beef, Organic. Organic Beef Mince 5% fat (500g) quantity. Ossa Organic Tallow however is specifically 100% rendered organic grass-fed beef suet. Beef is primarily composed of protein and varying amounts of fat. Related products. Organic Chicken Thigh - Bone-In . Grass-fed vs Grain-fed beef. They are selected for us by trusted farmers who rear them on an organic diet and encourage them to graze as nature intended. Excellent meat and an excellent service, friendly and prompt.10/10, when it comes to meat I am hard to please so if in doubt try it and see for yourself, meat that is real meat. Nobody has left a review for this product yet, be the first to do so. Organic Beef fat £ 2.05. Organic British beef 12% fat mince Our organic cattle are farmed and reared in harmony with nature. Our meat is reared on organic farms in Devon, well hung and processed in our artisan butchery. It is delicious when used as a substitute for shortening, fat for french fries or all-round larding needs! Our organic cattle are Aberdeen Angus and Hereford crosses, a heritage breed suited to outdoor grazing and pasture fed production. Add to Cart. Free-Range Pork. Our numerous awards and customer reviews are testimony to 30 years of working to produce the finest quality organic meat. When you buy beef fat it's sometimes a good idea to enquire about the provenance, treatment and rearing of the animals. Our site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience, if you choose to continue then we will assume that you are happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website. Email when stock available . Re-Order | Delivery ... Organic Lean Ground Beef (approx 17% fat) $11.97. Our beef, lamb, mutton and hogget are organically reared, 100% grass fed and carry the “Pasture for life” logo, providing reassurance of nutrient quality and traceability amongst a world of misleading “grass fed meat” products. Plus organic meat boxes and recipe boxes. Organic offal includes some of the lesser favoured cuts of meat but cooked well items like heart, liver, kidney and tallow or lard can be humble ingredients that make delicious meals. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 February 2020. Our cattle are raised exclusively in our open pastures and are never fattened on a feed lot. We know that looking after our animals with the greatest care and respect is as important to you as it is to us. Organic Lamb & Mutton. Home / Offals and Fats / Organic Beef fat. Out of stock. Certified Organic and inspected by the Soil Association. $22.48 ~ 2 X 300G. All rights reserved. Organic Beef.