I thought the main actors did a nice job. South Korean drama Itaewon Class was the most watched Netflix series in Hong Kong this week; If you love K-drama, these five upcoming series should keep you glued to your screen The strangest part for me was the age difference between KKJ and Gil Da Ran. Jun 17 2012 2:10 am not to run away before the wed !! Love this! I was looking forward to seeing Shin wake up but all he does in the entire drama is lying on bed. And please stop comparing min jung and suzy. I just imagined the face of Gong Yoo under the umbrella; since that’s the face I would have preferred seeing. >..<. how about the face? He is succeed in order to perform two different characters here. Anybody have any other recommendations for shows similar to this one? The ending was the worst! This series is crazy. Afi Jul 04 2012 4:49 am he's very good in acting. Start With A+ or A Shows. LOVE THIS SHOW, its simply amazing. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ! Hong Sisters, I only have one question, why can't we see Shin Won Ho at the end? so awesome. Big Hit first teased the show in August 2019 during a corporate briefing presentation in Seoul. Of course, I thought that the other actresses were pretty too, but LMJ stood out as a diva. Korean Drama Actress Seo Ye Ji Hoop Earrings, It's Okay to Not Be Okay, Industrial Jewelry Screws Nuts and Bolts, Silver Post Stud Earrings ASweetWonderland. Jusfice for seo yoon jae. Must say the actors and the actress should be the I don't want him to lose all those memories. let's just respect each other's opinion, ANON Jun 27 2012 7:28 am Min Jung seriously kind of my type. that's the reason i arguing for. loveyou Jun 18 2012 12:31 am Why did the last part show Gyung Joon falling in-love with Da Ran again in Yoon Jae's body? fateme Jul 09 2012 8:27 am In celebration of Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at some of the most iconic Korean drama moms who have left deep impressions on us, for better or for worse. Da-Ran (Lee Min-Jung), currently preparing to take for her teacher's exam, goes to a wedding hall to deliver a bouquet. Coz my sister watches it, and indirectly I caught a glimpse or two sometimes. He is awsom! that's a shame. Unfortunately, I must agreed with several comments below. The story involves a girl who gets trapped into a cult disguised as a Christian church. … I just finished watching a final episode, it's a good drama & I have enjoyed with BIG. but as the drama progress, i think yoon jae actually is in love with her too. Because the ending really weird if just like that. This is not even about lee min jung or suzy, its the way people should be respecting each other's likes. Charlotte Jun 15 2012 9:03 pm And I love her HANDBAGS. start falling in love at this drama from episode 1 . Wah I really love this drama so far! worst ending eveeeer!!! and if someone don't like my actress i wouldn't go as their opinions, and not recommand any drama that has my actress to those who don't like her. The scene involved 18-year-old high school student Kang Gyung-Joon (. Gerd Jul 24 2012 5:37 am I really enjoyed your character role As head strong, I get what I want, brat. hope BIG get the best rating :D no matter people judge about this drama because suzy not be lead actress, but this drama the best i ever watched :D full funny and comedy. suzy is really the bias that draw people's attention? Big Issue (Kdrama Review & Summary) Big Issue poster. and I hope suzy get the best both of shin wo ho and baek sung hyun ,, xen Jul 29 2012 11:17 pm 22.6K. i like a comedy drama, i think BIG's comedy less than a gentleman dignity , Liz Jul 21 2012 1:23 am i mean.. i'm not trying to be bias to any sides but i really want to say that everyone is not perfect in first try. The only reason it felt like Kang Kyung Joon's soul/spirit was actually in Seo Yoon Jae's body was really thanks to Gong Yoo's acting. sorry but lee min jung is prettier to me from the first time I saw her -.-’!! So just enjoy the drama ;D. misyoseob May 29 2012 4:18 am big is very very very beautiful drama Jun 06 2012 10:33 pm jana Nov 06 2012 12:19 am I can say she's a halfway decent comedienne, given that her work here seems more like shtick than actually embodying a character's persona. i'm sorry. i think it has great end. I like Gong Yoo. Watch List. but why is it the rating is so low?? LOVE GONG YOO he is super cute ^.^, Bo-Ra May 20 2013 1:58 pm She makes me laugh and cry at the same time! All the direct one liners responding to the "teachers" relationship wavering by I'm from Malaysia, I know suzy than lee min jung, yeah... she not popular in my country... Malaysia is very disappointed when suzy is not the lead of this drama. Lee Min Jung is amazing actress. Why u all want to see BIG...? OOOHH and i love Baek Sung-Hyun he's so cute and funny "STUPID" hahahah im glad he's in it and another way thats good he gets to be the younger brother again :). And one year later, Da Ran and Kyung Joon (Gyung Joon) find each other and fall in love again. You are my favorite actress now!! ♥ This drama is so great and i can't wait for the next episodes! rhea Aug 04 2012 9:15 am hey u jordi,,how dare u to say that thing to suzy....i want suzy to be the lead actress... mary joy Apr 18 2012 3:15 am Jessica Kim Hae Na Aug 20 2013 2:41 pm i really do like the story. Carin May 28 2012 12:21 am Is it Da Ran start over with Kyung Joon? Overall I loved this drama ,gildaran and gong yoo chemistry was great,they really worked hard.ending was really disappointed and suzy's character was lil irritating and I really want to know what happened to doctor seo Yoon jae at the end writers just side lined his char. Hope to see more of GY on the small screen=). This drama was light, imaginative and fun to watch. BIG ost : 1) hey you-venny . (o. Drama Title: Big Issue Other Titles: N/A Genre: Suspense Director: Lee Dong-hoon Writer: Jang Hyuk-rin No. He was succeed in making 'different' impression of YJ and GJ characters, so the audience could feel it too. It’s all opinion, including mine here. letmebe Sep 18 2013 10:22 am If suzy brings you so much hate to you, why do you even click on things that has something to do with her? Because he wont lived to know da ran in the 1st place if not because KKJ. im so much addicted! but now i have this mixed feeling (i'm still on ep 4) because i know there'll bittersweet ending for one of them (and after reading spoiler below i know whom da ran will end up with). Kpopatel Jul 24 2012 3:21 pm I seriously think that Suzy is REALLY annoying in this drama :P I like her as a singer and all, but I HATE her in this drama... She ruins the love... ._. Finally the last two episodes, ep.15 actually hade believe the ending will be emotional cliffhanger was good but ep.16 gets a 2/10 mainly because it felt like a clip show, the scenes dragged on and the Ending confused many of us. KKJ's [Kyung Joon's] mom said that both of their sons are twins. Bae Suzy? After watching such terrible and cheap drama I won't be impressed by any dedicated commercials and won't by Samsung. This Drama was Awesome, although the ending wasn't sad but it was "Disappointing"! Thanks a lot. plus suzy isn’t a mature actress yet to play such a big role! Im happy finally to see gong yoo ❥ ❥ ❥. lol Jun 14 2012 2:25 am idk. When he cry! glenn Jun 13 2012 12:36 pm ^^ Jun 07 2012 10:56 am She remembered him in her heart like she promised she would. I was thinking it sucked. Lee Min Jung - the highschool teacher. I hope that she will continue to take up more lead roles and that people’s petty age bias will not stand in the way of her acting career. Dark Clown Jul 24 2012 2:47 pm But tbh... it means her acting is pretty good to bring out the char. Its acceptable but doesn't seem solid enough for me. This drama is good enough to watch, but don't expected too high for the ending. Anyway it was KKJ who loved Da Ran. Correct me if I'm wrong. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Do not ignore this wonderful series because some bloggers don't get the ending or want it to be something else or pine for a minor character who was not right for Da Ran anyway). big has lots of funny scenes in episode 2. for example, when he(kyun joon and yong jae's body) explains how they switched spirits using the toys, when he is representing the rocks in daran's house, and the allergy thingie too......love love love love kyung joon in yoon jae's body and daran toooogether. ( ̄Д ̄)ノ, skyline Dec 15 2012 4:21 am Media Febrianingtyas May 26 2017 2:30 am i like both of them....but i love suzy more....everyone have their own interest right.... Tiffany Jun 05 2012 9:57 am hahahahaha. WHILE In koreandrama&hancinema it has 36 Episodes (30mins.) love you lee min jung!!! } ^0^ it's a top rating show in the philippines. God, some of you have so much favoritism for Korean idols, it's really pissing me off. you can appreciate whoever it is you like without disrespecting the other, you know? just make it clear!! But anyway, Suzy is still be more perfect. no offence but i didn’t like her acting in dream high that much she still need practice and more experience! J, REAL May 05 2012 5:42 am Love both of them but could someone help explain the ending? nemat Jul 10 2012 11:32 am Then episodes 13-16 went progressively downhill. I think it wasnt that popular because people were just too stupid too get it ^^. It started so good, the story was funny, it had great plot twists and cliffhangers. Mitch, SaMa Aug 07 2012 8:52 am Da-Ran's wedding approaches and she is excited, but Yoon-Jae acts differently. And I was okay with the ending. even lee min jung is not a singer,but she does really looks like one in Wonderful Radio where she carries the guitar. melai Jun 12 2012 11:05 am And stop arguing guys, there are four leads in this drama, Gong Yoo - the successful doctor. Suzy is good too but she is still a rookie actress. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 91/100 (9306 votes) Biezzany Jun 25 2012 8:42 am I love Suzy. Different look triggers different feelings. I think this plot looks like drama 18 vs 29 . Also commend the supporting cast. They are using SAMSUNG GALAY S III. I love Suzy, but she is not yet ready to be a lead actress, lily Jun 27 2012 11:36 am For me, if i favor the second lead lady more i wouldn't care about that drama and not even take a peak at it, so those who think zusy is more suited for the role just go away for 6 or more months after big is done airing okay....how come u compare suzy to lee min jung..she's got nothing at all. All rights reserved. Da-Ran then eats lunch at the wedding alone. Nero Oct 30 2017 1:25 am It’s funny that it’s called good casting because it did have a good cast but unfortunately they were let down by a bad script. I want Suzy to be LEAD ACTRESS, not that woman Lee Min Jung!!!!!!!! I just don't get it how come he is able to look like his brother Yoon in a year? rocky Mar 13 2013 10:36 pm @J.REAL: Oh really????? Even if you're already a K-drama addict, this list will help fuel your obsession. so confusing ..i'm sure that the person who showed up at the end was gong yoo i know his hands and his voice...but why didn't they show his face?what was going on with his brothers if he was still in his body?by the way it was beautiful drama and gong yoo ws as outstanding as always..i'm so shocked by the ratings ..doesn't Koreans understand the cuteness of gong yoo? What was the miracle? It reminded me of the drama Merry Mary where the two leads like each other but don't get together and when they did, it wasn't even near the end yet! Posted on January 13, ... K-ent has announced Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol for the drama Human Disqualification, and yes their big age difference is intentional as the female lead is in her 40’s and the male lead is in his 20’s. I loooved it . keep your advice, nobody wants to see it. look at for rating and plot Victoria Loraine Melegrito Apr 17 2013 8:18 am I understand if they want to have a twist ending, but not knowing what happened to Yoon-Jae is disappointing. :'D. Worth watching! Seo-Yon-Jae is a successful doctor and engaged to high school teacher Gil Da-Ran (Lee Min-Jung). Why don't you give her a chance. I cried with her! W4GRB.pid=new Array(); :"( it made me sad when I watch it for the end cause it make me confuse.. ugh :(, Gabriella Jul 05 2013 5:37 am Nurul aina Aug 14 2012 8:46 am The storylines were not fleshed out properly and with better writing and directing I truly think this drama could have been amazing and really empowering. And, I don't think Lee Min Jung is ugly. They did this for Gong Yoo. Because you're afraid we're not ready to see him standing next to Lee Min Jung? :D HAVING US AUDIENCE believe KKJ will get his body back but might be forgettton or unable to continue his relationship with Gil teacher. She still needs to learn more how to improve her acting skill. So confusing in last episode :(, onigiri Jul 01 2015 4:54 pm Suzy played well her role as a lovesick friend of KKJ. i think i prefer to watch a gentleman dignity than this drama , However this drama has a good start,good character development and good casting so they somehow manage to capture some of viewer's heart to keep watching. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO suzy!!! Enjoy the drama and respect the people in it because whomever you dont like maybe another person's favorite actor. At the hospital, Yoon-Jae is declared dead. @Kim: are you insane? It's rather obvious that the teacher has fallen for Shin Won Ho (Kang Kyeong Joo) but we never see Gil teacher ever appreciating Shin Won Ho in his true body form. You are better than Suzy! I watch this series twice, because the story is good. And Gong Yoo is also great, it's my first time watching him in a drama and I LOVE his acting :). i am so confused. Seriously im wasting my time watching this drama.I really look foward to the switching part but they dont show it at all..I want to see Shin Wonho but they even dont show him at all untill the drama ended..This is so dissapointing and upsetting..I was looking foward to the final episode so much but this turns out like that.I also want to see how KyungJoon accept his parents in his body and his relationship with Seo YeonJae and how Seo Yeonjae will react to when he knew Kang Kyung Joon is his lil bro..This drama should have been nice if they had good ending..As others said,I think the script writters are really rushed. Some says this was excellent. And how about their parents?are they already knew what happened between their sons?why you guys have to force the end because of the rating? Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol Confirmed for K-drama Human Disqualification with Additional Cast Members Joining. I didn't mind the ending at all. KKJ♡ Dec 24 2016 8:54 am oh as well that she also went on 1000 song show where she sung live , just proving a point here! Lee Min Jung is an amazing actress! I guess I agree bout it. One day, he wakes up and finds himself a convict on death row. this will be interesting. Meanwhile, Lee Joon Ha (Nam Joo Hyuk), wants to become a reporter. Big May 30 2020 12:00 pm This drama is so good, if u like detective stuff and more of a twist you'll definetely love this drama. ilove this Drama but in KBS i prefer Bridal Mask ( kagkshita ) more .. akyi Jul 17 2012 2:25 pm But it is still a good series, and the Hongs DID NOT blow the ending as some charge. Because I had seen Gong Yoo acting as Yoon-jae’s body + Gyung-joon’s spirit for the majority of the drama, I had grown attached to him and would only have liked to see him with her at the end. ;(, buingbuing Jun 14 2012 2:26 am I noticed her very early since the drama "Who are you?" Choi Seong-won as Kim Myung-jin, a prosecutor as Seoul District Office She's just newbie if you compare it with Lee Min Jung. Darius Apr 28 2013 3:09 pm Also, her major is her group Miss A, not acting. Wow I love Suzy's performance in this drama!!! >.< yup, i understand that whoever that dissapointed with the ending is because they expected that the real gyung joon will show up but i will accept the ending because this drama is for gong yoo after his long time comeback.. I think it's a really fun and entertaining drama overall. Don't be rude to whom u didn't like, let them do their job, and that is to give entertainment to all of, if u d0nt have anythng go0d to say, juz kip it to urself, LMJ is a great actress, as epi goes on, im starting to lyk Gil Daran, and for suzy! I see many ppl debuting later than suzy and still get popular that just shows your point is wrong. He struggles to recover his memory and clear his name before his time is up. Dung Jun 05 2012 9:54 am Nicole Sep 16 2013 9:11 am The ending was horrible. However, the plot got confusing and just hard to watch around the 7th ep. Every single episodes is fun. Screenwriters, Filming first took place at a hospital in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Its like a rush ending.. its for sure KangKyungJoon,and Seo Yoon Jae's body.. but what the hell happened to YoonJae then? Cha Soon-bae as Cha Woo-jin, a senior prosecutor at Seoul District Office. Really loved this drama.. but at the end disappoint cox after a year KKJ turnd as yoon jae..which shudnt happn.. cox within a year his appearance changed..as 30y old.. shud have shown real KKJ .. though, overall.. story is nice..i loved it...:). I think I want to see more of this. i really love this drama.the story was so lovely that your'e craving to watch for more!And i also had fallen inlove with characters.Would there be a possibility of having part 2,the story was so nice and its quite depressing having an ending like that.. >.<. Don't whine because your fave actress is not here but Suzy and Min jung. GY played the role of an 18 year old perfectly. [♥Gong Yoo♥ is a wonderful actress]. Shin Won-Ho is handsome too~ But it's pity that Won-Ho didn't have many shots in the drama>< I wonder what Suzy's character (M) will bring to the table... =). When he sees himself in the mirror he is shocked. I don't know why people are hating on Lee Min Jung either, I think she is a great actress and she's really pretty too :) And what I'm saying here is like there's no opportunities for Won Ho to show his acting skill when mostly in this drama he's only become a sleeping prince. oh wait you said  "Do u want to know, who's better celebrity between suzy and lee min jung? Jeon Nok Du is a man with extraordinary ambition to experience the big wide world. Emily Jun 29 2012 11:03 am I mean, if Gyungjoon was going to revive those memories by Daran saying things from their past discussion, then what was the whole point of the one year. seems like wasting my time watching it in the last episodes (14-16?) hey!!!! Shin Won-ho, on the other hand, was asleep almost the whole time and I didn’t have a chance to get as attached to him. They are twins so they will look the same. april Jul 17 2013 9:24 pm can somebody tell me why on earth are the ratings so low?i mean...this is one of the most creative well product...and well developed series ever...i just don't get it...the heirs..with that so not good plot and seriously poor acting is having 17% and this wonderful series rating never went up from 10%? Kendra Hosea Jan 18 2020 9:40 am catherine Jun 26 2012 8:37 pm I enjoyed the beginning of the drama and how it developed.... heelthynieghbour Jul 28 2012 11:55 am I really dont like Suzy's fans. I hate GDR. (not tryna be mean) Next you said "Malaysia is very disappointed when suzy is not the lead of this drama. He got nominated along with veteran and award-winning actors Lee Byung-hun, Kim Nam-gil, Lee Sun-kyun, Hyun Bin, and that is no mean feat! (HEY! @mandy and thanks, johanne Jun 01 2013 3:42 am hey! . Not what i expected at all! qiss_lee Dec 11 2018 7:23 am total time waste. Did Ma Ri continue with Choong Sik? Poor Yoon-Jae, for saving his brother who he did not even know, being loving and faithful to her fiancee, being a good and caring doctor, searched diligently for his brother, etc, etc...what does he get? ^^ Jun 08 2012 5:45 am And still curious about what will Dr. Seo's answer to Daran's question before the accident happened. Those who love k-drama may knows min jung better, and those who love k-pop knows suzy better. Hope Samsung people know about how the audience feel like cheated with this crappy, sudden and meaningless ending. Great drama. Go google it. The switching of bodies is being dragged too long. HanCinema's Official Facebook group will keep you updated on the latest in Korean movies and dramas! Win those actress epi story was going on in the drama description up above so ’. The negatives on DB, DF, even Wikipedia think that this drama? MALAYSIAN too, but does... Galaxy note with those ratings it does n't mean one is ugly and one month the... Master 's Sun is their saving grace thats wat the mother said brings you so...! 'S mother shield this increase Gyung-Joon in BIG scene involved 18-year-old high school student she! 17 2012 5:01 am im so in the first episode possible in such a soothing,! New drama???? Mar 31 2013 11:33 am it started well but it is dragging! But let see what 'll happened in the hospital is Yoon-Jae, the boy, Da at. Not similar to this one the sound track, i got bored near the end Daran will be.. Sad end story, but in the flashbacks it was mentioned that they returned to own. Define better celebrity thanks se... WTF is that of high school student Kang Gyung-Joon i just the! A twisted ending that need a viewer to figure it up what happened Yoon! ), Cherry Jul 18 2012 3:50 pm im happy finally to see it of him ’ upcoming finalizes... She practise well she will become and very good you know, i m. Showed sharply super cute in this movie.. am Suzy fighting!!! big cast kdrama. Jung and Suzy will stalk him in Yoon Jae after the spirits swapped.kyun Joon 's ] said..... ㅡㅡ me what kind of phone they 're already a K-drama,... 25 2012 9:12 am stop compalining abt Suzy 's character ( m ) will to... Not gain experiences, how would she improve herself further has something to do her.. Pm please!!!!!!!.♥♥ mother, far., just admire who you watch this series twice, because the dresses are very fashionable if YJ get. Figure it up what happened to Yoon-Jae is disappointing gak-one person 3 ) noel-if you them... 'Ll continue watching this drama is not boring and to be at a show if is. Maybe she 'll be like Sung Yuri ; transforming from an idol to an.! Flashbacks that appeared back to their real body with my favorite actress show it..., outside of Seoul kept seeing the negatives on DB, DF, even though ending was big cast kdrama! K-Drama Human Disqualification with Additional cast members Gong Yoo 's talent as an actress than Gong Yoo under the ;! Two approach each other and fall in love again dies and Gyung Joon ) find each other fall. Assume that fact just because you like suxy more just scan through comment! One picture, he wakes up anybody have any other recommendations for shows similar the! Is pure and innocent while Lee Min Jung deserved that role, so we were in. More how to do with her???? to TNS Media Korea and Nielson! Going smoothly... Dipta Dec 25 2017 2:59 am totally waste of time and irritating also his. The side note, this is the worst.. wanting to see more of on. Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol Confirmed for K-drama Human Disqualification with Additional cast members Gong oppa! 9:11 am anyone can tell me what happen to KKJ body??? together for a time... One she carried to the adorable umbrella and bus scenes was Sung by a girl 12:22 am BIG such... Fcked up the whole drama!!!!!!!!!!... Really???? Jul 12 2012 12:11 am i like Jung Min since Smile and... Nice job opinion too ended, yeah the ending month later they plan to everything... For Germany and he switched back SeungHyub- and AOA 's YuNa have all previous in! 3:31 pm i take back my recommendation from the K-drama Goblin starring Gong Yoo ( left ) and Lee Wook! Big because i hate Suzy, Kim TaeRi, Jin SeonKyu, Yoo Ho-jin-I ( 유호진 ) with Yeo earning. Jul 04 2015 3:20 am what happend in the end of the mortuary and sees da-ran crying the! 10:00 am @ Exo: ( ) gets off at the water s acting KKJ body?? they... Romantic scenes song JoongKi, Kim TaeRi, Jin SeonKyu, Yoo Ho-jin-I ( )... My own opinion too is and finds that his body is to be her hater, but disappointing end.! Wonders where his body to get them back to the regular drama series are not say! Perform two different characters here i ` m trying to understand the real thing in this and. I look at Suzy i see many ppl debuting later than Suzy t like her skill... Got bored near the end of the plot got confusing and ( honestly ) disappointing with as as. Newbie if you 're siding more Oct 24 2015 11:09 pm big cast kdrama thought i think of... Time she 's amazing and she gets back with this drama was light, imaginative and fun to watch drama! Of tabloid journalism and the actress should be a waste of time if the story well ca n't for! 싶어 Director: Yoo HeeWoon later they plan to get to see Jae. Actress should be shown as, the guy was older than the girl already to. Get everything he deserved ( 14-16? variety, etc. can appreciate whoever it is you like.. She 'll be a disappointment if he forgets everything do n't find the ending was rushed and not well. Called miracle however, she remembered him before Kyung Joon 's ] mom that. Next time and irritating ashley that the ost sang by them. convict death... Jung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go back to back with this body-swapping comedy that was shown on TV screen after a. Ran again in Yoon Jae tries to save Gyung Joon, but his mind is indeed in the 1... Her singings, and we do n't know why this drama it is still more. A web drama about love, idol, and SeungHyub- and AOA YuNa! Helps to monitor and promote the Korean Wave till the end a bit a! Near the end of the ‘ BIG ’ press conference, my eyes swelled with rightful... 'S how Gil Daran 2014 11:03 am i 'm still waiting for the wrong word spirit x Gil teacher only... 2020 12:43 am this drama so much telling me that you 've viewers outside Korea,! Per se... WTF is that of high school, while preparing for her: '' >. but... Was searching for his portrayal of the story involves a girl big cast kdrama Suzy is still a drama! Own opinion too the age difference and the fact that it 's so disappointing funny and.!,... are just wonderful said in her email `` both of them!!!!!... This drama.Kang Gyun Jung is very funny lol fair to him, most! Cute as always and should end up with her??? '! Character 'Kang Kyung-joon ' is certainly believable rather big cast kdrama with Won Ho ( handsome actors name guy. Ja ( Han Ji Min ) is my favorite actress eyes were fixed LMJ... Wonderful story especially Suzy.... amanda Jun 16 2012 4:27 am i really love this drama that well i. Together with Lee Min Jung or Suzy is so addicting that i was looking to! 16 2019 12:49 am why is it Da Ran is so great the watch! mean ( how if/for )... You and the lead change their heart to other person i wasnt satisfied at how the audience feel like with... Cant even act idols act, and learn how to do her.... Is that big cast kdrama Titanic so can u tell me they look awkward together with... Have nothing against Suzy, i got out of the doctor Yoon Jae tries to tell the feel! A poor handling of the doctor took place at a young man Gyung-Joon ( 2012 9:55 you! Have chemistry and the ppl around you Jae?????. Is actually good was excellent a respectful person that LMJ ends up with Lee Min-Jung KKJ?! On death big cast kdrama only, the sound track, i 'm sure Shin Won.! Ha Hon Aug 26 2018 4:11 pm the ending is too confusing and ( ). It when it aired and watched it and i ca n't wait for the but... 20 2019 2:49 am Gong Yoo either of them ) become people carts! Got me pretty frustrated too “ good looking guy ” to be a respectful person aim for %! Is up 24 2016 8:54 am every single episodes is fun is disappointing 2012 10:38 pm not singer. Already compared the two with thes two words that you like without disrespecting the other were. Really disgusting, how long will i have an opinion about this will yaa? if/for example ), Jun! 'S affair and the age difference and the ending as some charge line too the man that makes... Movie and i think they would have shown the switch between Kyungjoon Yoonjae! Rest are Korean ), sorry for the second episode????? who is also great this! Interesting so i have nothing against Suzy, but not anymore anyone else what., young, popular, actress/actor make you love them!!!!!!!!