Fémlemez megmunkáló gépek

A 40 éves tapasztalattal rendelekező dán gépgyártó szakértő a sorjátlanításban.

  • The FLADDER® technology is a non-aggressive system.
    The abrasive cylinders are flexible tools.
    The pressure towards the workpieces are created by means of the centrifugal force, specifically through regulation of the rpm. It means that besides flat workpieces also bended, shaped and 3 dimensional workpieces can be processed.
    The gear head - technological unique, it is a very solid construction.
    The housing of aluminium has outside cooling ribs and inside room for the specialcut toothed wheels in chrome vanadium steel. The force from the main motor is transferred directly to the 6 spindles.
    Efficient processing of the workpieces. The gear head with the main motor and rotation motor is mounted on a scissor suspension frame. The scissor is equipped with special hardened, grinded wheels. It makes it possible to create the linear, oscillating movement across the conveyor belt. This - combined with the in pair counter rotating spindles - results in uniform workpieces and uniform wear of the tools.