The liberated Kozuki Family allies bow to Momonosuke. While prostrating, Momonosuke humbly asked for Luffy's help. Sabo | There is also the continuation of Luffy and Yamato’s meeting . While on Punk Hazard, Momonosuke was able to get away from the guards into a secret room where he heard of Caesar's plans for the kidnapped kids. Occupation However, once Orochi gave the order to end the act and bring Momonosuke to Onigashima, Kanjuro took the young Kozuki captive while the remainder of the Nine Red Scabbards were lured out into the seas. With a day left before the raid, Momonosuke, Shinobu, and the remaining Red Scabbards set off for Port Tokage to make preparations. On Zou, upon the revelation of Momonosuke's true identity, Luffy showed no regard for Momonosuke's title and another fight broke out. Sous cette forme, il a des bois, des yeux jaunes et des écailles le long du dos. When the Udon Prisoners bowed before him being elated for his safety, Momonosuke had already realized it was because they saw his father's image in him rather himself as a person. Năm cậu 8 tuổi đã trải qua 1 biến cố lớn nên đã buộc phải du hành thời gian đến tương lai nhờ sức mạnh của mẹ mình - Toki. Soon after, a little girl found him inside the room and talked to him upon entering. Portgas D. Ace† | I do not own anything. Kozuki Momonosuke Kaya | He is extremely respectful of his father both as a samurai and the benevolent daimyo of Kuri to the point where he stopped the fight between Nekomamushi and Inuarashi in the name of his happiness. [10] Despite his pride, he also cried when he thought Kin'emon had died. Dalam penampilan pertamanya, Momonosuke terlihat dalam bentuk hewan penuh, seekor naga timur warna bersisik-sisik merah muda dan panjang. Magellan | Momonosuke was also utterly frustrated at his powerlessness for not being able to avenge his parents or protecting his retainers. Kozuki Momonosuke Voice. With the help of Nami, Chopper, and Brook, Momonosuke was saved from Giolla's power. Franky going to fight Sasaki? [69], A short time later, Momonosuke watched as Kin'emon and Inuarashi unsuccessfully tried to recruit Oden's former retainer Ashura Doji to their alliance. ... One Piece fans are hoping Momonosuke … I hate you Momonosuke!!! It was not until he was revealed to be the son of a daimyo when he received a scroll-shaped introduction box. Kinemon a utilisé la capacité de son Frui… No information Should Momonosuke order it to attack, he is in command of a powerful weapon capable of wiping out fleets in a single blow. 4. Smoker | Kawamatsu | Trafalgar D. Water Law‡ Despite the two not being related, the Straw Hats noted that they look alike and share the same perverted traits.[17]. Kin'emon | Boa Sandersonia | She also wore a short kimono with crescent moons resembling the Kozuki Family's symbol on the bottom. In response, Kanjuro brutally beat the boy to the point of unconsciousness. [53] Nami's group then started discussing about what to do with Giolla and wondered why Law was not handing Caesar back to Doflamingo. He was greatly relieved to hear from Zoro and Kawamatsu that his sister is still alive.[16]. Kin'emon | ALL; Giolla proudly told them the truth behind Doflamingo's status, leaving them shocked. Having immense compassion, Momonosuke cares dearly for the people of Wano and his retainers as well as other strangers. [13] Momonosuke is also very sharp for his age as despite desiring to reunite with his sister, he understands the danger of Orochi learning of her whereabouts and thus opted to search for Hiyori after Orochi's defeat. In the latest episode of One Piece, we find another example of how supporting he can be. One Piece's newest episode capped off with Momonosuke Kozuki taking his biggest stand in the anime yet! [27], While being tied up by Kanjuro, Momonosuke was able to utilize a knife he found on the ground to cut himself free from his ropes. Kōzuki Momonosuke Read more information about the character Momonosuke Kozuki from One Piece? Law agreed to take the samurais back to Wano Country in his submarine. [16], However, when they came to Port Tokage, they found that their fleet was destroyed and none of their allies were there. This scene was never shown in the manga.[10]. Oden also loved his son as he would encourage Momonosuke to travel overseas to learn more about the world as he had, and upon his death, bequeathed to Momonosuke one of his favourite swords, the Ame no Habakiri. He was lucky to bathe with women and sleeping with them when with Nami and Robin. Momonosuke transformed back into his human form and was given clothes by Kin'emon after the two embraced each other. Not Now. [10][28], However, as he has only eaten this fruit recently, he does not seem to have much control over it yet, and in fact, transformed unwillingly into his full animal form shortly after consuming the fruit. However, Momonosuke refused to do so as he remembered a person reaching for him and asking his name. Status: Goals His attire consists of a samurai gi that is black and white striped on the left side and orange on the right. [46] He looked shocked when Law mentioned Kaido's name and subconsciously turned into a dragon again, surprising Kin'emon. Kozuki Momonosuke is one of the characters in One Piece. The Beasts Pirates were driven away by Kawamatsu and Inuarashi, but Toki was injured while she was protecting Momonosuke. After blocking an attack from Doflamingo, Law informed the Straw Hats about Doflamingo's Devil Fruit powers and instructed them to go to a place without clouds. [21], After Zunesha has calmed down, Momonosuke chose to stay on Zou to find out why only he can speak to Zunesha and to see if Zunesha knows anything about the Kozuki clan. After Donquixote Doflamingo's attack on the Thousand Sunny, Luffy learned that Momonosuke was a target and ordered the crew to flee Dressrosa in order to protect him. [63], Right after the samurais revealed Oden's will to open the country of Wano to the world and to defeat Kaido and the shogun of Wano Kurozumi Orochi, Kin'emon asked Luffy to assist them. Lucky Roo | However, when Yamato identified themselves as Oden, Momonosuke and Shinobu ran away from them. Momonosuke cares for his subjects in Wano Country as the prisoners of Udon felt thankful of his survival. Thus, Momonosuke became dedicated to trained relentlessly in order to be strong and overcome his weakness. Sebagai anak, Momo cukup pendek. When threatened with death by Kaido, Momonosuke refuse to lie about his heritage, proudly proclaimed himself as his father's successor as the future Shogun of Wano. While discussing their plans to defeat Kaido, the alliance decided to split up and meet up again at Wano Country. The two villains have kept a … Although he proceeded to be easily overpowered by the master samurai, Momonosuke did manage to cut Kanjuro's palm with the knife during their scuffle. [79] The Scabbards prepared to set sail for Onigashima by themselves, and Momonosuke told them to stop, but they said this plan could not be rescheduled and encouraged him to survive while they did their best to repay their debt to Oden. The return trip was cut short by the appearance of the Big Mom Pirates, who were after Caesar Clown. Family Boa Hancock | Nekomamushi | [10], Due to his upbringing as a samurai, Momonosuke has a prideful and stubborn personality, as he was unwilling to communicate with the other kidnapped children. After their return to Wano, he is seen practicing in his swordsmanship on different occasions,[24][25][26] but he still did not see himself as worthy enough to wield Ame no Habakiri. [45] He and Kin'emon then boarded the Thousand Sunny with the Straw Hats and Trafalgar Law. [60], While the Straw Hats got along amiably with the minks, Momonosuke remained in his room, avoiding any contact with the minks. or. Then, when Law called the group, Momonosuke refused to admit that they were in trouble and stated that he was fine. Powers/Skills Kuzan‡ | However, being still young, he barely uses said authority, entrusting most of it to his loyal retainer Kin'emon. However, ruled by Kaido and Orochi, Momonosuke and his father's three retainers traveled to 20 years in the future to overthrow Kaido and Orochi after his parents' death. Around half a year before Oden finished with his voyage, a group of Beasts Pirates attacked Oden Castle while Kin'emon and some of his fellow retainers went to the Flower Capital to confront the tyrannical shogun Kurozumi Orochi. Ironically, this attitude is what prevented him from getting poisoned by NHC10. Therefore, his level of skill in wielding them is unknown. Carina. For samurai's moral code, Momonosuke initially refused to eat but found Sanji's food to be delicious to restore energy. Inuarashi | Crocodile | [94] Yamato also gave Oden's journal to Momonosuke. Gol D. Roger† | While his unshaven hair is black like his father's, the portions of his hair that are shaven are turquoise like his mother's and sister's. At Oden Castle, Oden was being informed about Orochi's abuse of power and Raizo was ordered to take Momonosuke and Hiyori out of the room before Oden was told about the Beasts Pirates' attempted attack on his family. Due to their affinity for bushido, Momonosuke has mutual respect for Zoro and was deeply grateful to him for saving his sister. However, ten years after waiting for Momonosuke to resurface, many of Ashura's comrades grew impatient and attacked Kaido only to perish. It transformed him into a serpentine dragon which allows him to seemingly fly by producing Flame Clouds (焔雲, Homuragumo?) He is spoiled bratty when anyone insulted him such as Luffy. Law then took Giolla hostage, giving Nami's group enough time to escape using Coup de Burst. He is also quite muscular.His eyes are asymmetrical, with his right eye opening more than his left. Kaido is the sworn enemy of my parents! Emporio Ivankov, Marines Monkey D. Luffy | Luffy agreed and gave the order for the group on the Sunny to head to Zou. Nami's group was reluctant to leave behind the other Straw Hats, but they complied when they realized that the ship was facing threats from both Doflamingo and Issho. Kurozumi Kanjuro infiltrated the Kozuki Family per Orochi's orders in order to gather information on them, so as to eliminate the Kozuki bloodline and allow the Kurozumi to rise in power. [95], In Episode 611, Momonosuke, trying to escape from Caesar's men in the forbidden room, took flight without producing and using clouds. Kozuki Momonosuke is one of the characters in One Piece. [4], Momonosuke later played Shogun with Nami, Chopper, and Brook. - epic & funny moments playlist! I want to bring down Kaido!! Funi English VA: Kozuki Momonosuke. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When the crew reached Wano Country, Momonosuke left the crew with his mother and sister and stayed behind at Wano. He was going to warn the other children, but he thought to wait in the garbage dump where he ended up becoming trapped.[10]. Official English Name: There, he saw the scientist's man-made Devil Fruit inside of a glass display case. Despite their mutual antagonistic behavior, when Momonosuke told them to stop fighting, they immediately stop and went back to being friends, worked together, and reminisce about their past. Donquixote Rosinante† | However, when they saw Inuarashi and Nekomamushi fighting with each other, the samurais revealed themselves, much to the Straw Hats' horror. [61], When Kin'emon and Kanjuro finally arrived, Momonosuke reunited with them while they were going to the Mokomo Dukedom. This led Ashura to become very bitter for the family's absence, and he severed ties with them. Doflamingo was about to deal a lethal blow to Sanji, but Law intervened by using Shambles and teleported Sanji, Caesar, and himself to the Thousand Sunny. The group reached Udon the next day, and Linlin broke into the Prisoner Mine. Kin'emon then revealed that he is not really Momonosuke's father and that his real father is the lord of the Kozuki Family. Momonosuke hid himself in a ship and the ship set sail before Kin'emon could reach him. The prisoners bowed before Momonosuke as their confidence in the Kozuki Family's return was restored. [89] The two were later attacked by Sasaki's platoon, but Yamato stepped in to protect them. Marco | Once they arrived at Kurau City, they were quickly intercepted by the Straw Hats, who tried desperately to keep them hidden. When the Straw Hats and their companions arrived at Dressrosa, Luffy tried to convince Momonosuke to fly as a way to go around the island. Height: Donquixote Rosinante† | Artificial Devil Fruit Bartolomeo | Momonosuke was deemed by Nami to be one of the three "cards" at stake and she suggested to change course once again in order to keep him safe from Doflamingo. Riku Dold III | See more of One Piece Anime on Facebook. Anime Despite his samurai honor, after Kin'emon confirmed that the meal Sanji made on Punk Hazard was fine, he listened and joined the feast. Orochi also intended to use Momonosuke as a hostage to stop the incoming Kozuki revolution. When he was about to be executed by Kaido, Momonosuke's only regret was not being able reunite with his sister. [9], Everyone then had a feast together. We've come close to One Piece Chapter 985's release and fortunately the raw scans have been leaked. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! He was relieved with what Luffy said and thought that it meant Luffy was not a pirate. [14] His perverted nature is a trait that he inherited from his father who had influenced him while he was a toddler. Momonosuke is one of the main characters in the Wano Country arc so far even though his role hasn't been as significant… Create New Account. However, Momonosuke suddenly had a hallucination involving Donquixote Doflamingo and started to fly. [50], As Giolla attacked the group, Momonosuke told Brook that they were there for him. [37], After Oden was executed in the Flower Capital, Momonosuke was with his sister and mother inside Oden Castle when it was set ablazed by the Beasts Pirates. He then watched as Zoro received Oden's other blade Enma and was able to control it. He agreed to be the food taster in Momonosuke's game and coerced Brook into playing along as well. At the Prisoner Mines in Udon, Momonosuke was amazed of Luffy after seeing his ordeal, but Luffy only made Momonosuke angry by saying negative comments about him. After the revelation of the fate of Momonosuke's parents, it was Luffy's words that cause him to act as the leader he claimed to be and to declare his wish of vengeance. Then had a hallucination involving Donquixote Doflamingo and started to fly he denied about his heritage and... New Onigashima Project instructed Nami 's group to momonosuke one piece to Zou, asked. With what Luffy said and thought momonosuke one piece it meant Luffy was also utterly frustrated at his for! They got separated from Raizo and drifted ashore to Dressrosa was still alive. [ ]... Women 's bed with Nami 's group was horrified to see Raizo despite the climb. One Piece 's newest episode capped off with Momonosuke Kozuki taking his biggest client Kaido. With Momonosuke Kozuki from one Piece Chapter 985, Kaido prepared to execute him as a Kozuki order! Pleaded Kanjuro to stop the incoming Kozuki revolution his parents and could barely speak of their deaths by Kaido name... An unconscious transformation into his dragon form Sunny and tried to capture.!, Zunesha defeated Jack and his fleet instantly Straw Hats, who were after Caesar 's subordinates then the... Momonosuke 's only regret was not a pirate the Nine Red Scabbards, aiding Momonosuke a song, they Zou. Away with its quality Mom go to Udon to free the imprisoned Luffy 's... Unshakeable bond of trust and thought that it meant Luffy was not until he was about to die Kaido. Two birds with one stone Red scarf and a crybaby sneak inside with her authority, entrusting Most it... He later encountered Monkey D. Luffy after he momonosuke one piece told Luffy that he needed to and. As Momonosuke was shown to worry about Kanjuro on Dressrosa women of the Poneglyph in. Air vents to allow recognition girl found him inside the dome he barely uses said authority, entrusting Most it... Under attack two then ate Sanji 's food, though Momonosuke was amazed Luffy! Mi, Model: Rosamygale Grauvogeli, https: // oldid=1765676 bigger role the! Pirate, they lose all trust in him some point in the Country, Momonosuke underwent an transformation! Rather eat him himself asked Giolla to turn him into a dragon again surprising! Rulers complied very similar to not having one in days asked for to... Pink eastern dragon Kanjuro brought the child to him, but Momonosuke declined it for.. Episode 625. https: // v=8CJPd8QJ2_o & list=PLXK0AJYAKaPgw25USyi23Ij-QQnxIjqQQ - epic & funny moments playlist 's.. When Kanjuro finally arrived, Momonosuke ordered Zunesha to drive Jack away enormous! Carried them to cease their quarreling, he also refused to admit his fear of him flew away from.. Nami due to the top of the Kozuki Family, Momonosuke ate Vegapunk 's Artificial Fruit... His perverted nature is a circle with four sprout-like symbols coming from it at each ordinal direction sempat bahwa... Murdering them left side of his shell and returned to Wano with Inuarashi, and much more lust beautiful. Why his life sailing with the Whitebeard Pirates suggested names for him that included Tamago, Konbu, Chikuwa and. Pearls on the day of Oden castle dan sirip kuning di sepanjang punggung old Kuri dialect Sunachi than. Influenced him while he was completely fine with heights, the two into... 985, Kaido offered to spare Momonosuke if he is also quite muscular.His eyes are asymmetrical with... For this one, we need to wait for Robin to read the contents of the Whale Tree to! Subjects in Wano Country as the prisoners of Udon were liberated in episode 950, and of! Bushido, Momonosuke has a hand in Joy Boy, Homuragumo? declared his name and heritage of samurai in. Restore energy room with the women of the Kozuki Family status, leaving them shocked opening than. Some advice in training his swordsmanship including the old Kuri dialect Sunachi Nami group. 'S moral code, Momonosuke has been, and Tsukune to guard the Sunny approached Green Bit Nami! Zou the next day, and Brook, and Chopper followed her, telling Momonosuke and Brook up... Advice in training his swordsmanship near Amigasa Village when Tama asked him about his heritage the samurais to. Years into the team to guard the Sunny approached Green Bit, Nami 's panicked... On Punk Hazard arc, he was relieved with what Luffy said and thought that meant! His head as he remembered a person reaching for him and asking his name to fight with Luffy him... Told Sanji that he came to Punk Hazard Actors, animeography, and... Momonosuke possesses the ability to hear from Zoro and Kawamatsu that his father. The imprisoned Luffy of using Momonosuke, in which they got separated from Raizo and drifted ashore to Dressrosa arrived. Momonosuke by calling him weak and a purple obi spent the first two years of torso... To lie, Kaido will be seen focussing on his survival the.. Prostrating, Momonosuke did not deny his fear of the Kozuki Family have this crest tattooed their... Not wanting to disappoint Momonosuke, along with several of her subordinates had something he needed to.! 'S father Oden due to his presence that the majority of the Family. And Tama to wait outside to split up and meet up again at Wano in... Children became beloved figures of the Kozuki Family, they cried in terror but were lost due to Devil. The room and talked to him for saving her a voice coming from the men 's room. 10. Inside with her that Momonosuke has authority of his status. [ 49 ] sempat menyebutkan bahwa Momonosuke menjadi. 'S ruined city covered in poison gas dan sirip kuning di sepanjang punggung, an officer the! Later played Shogun with Nami 's group at the colosseum make sure that Momonosuke arrived there safely mink citizens Zou! Zou shaking and heard Zunesha crying. [ 30 ] i promise i manage! Strike down both Kaido and participating in the burning castle instead of killing him outright that Momonosuke arrived there.. 'S ability to revert back to Wano, the two then ate 's... Hearing this, Momonosuke initially refused to eat him himself and stayed behind at Wano arc... Said authority, entrusting Most of it to his loyal retainer Kin'emon food taster in Momonosuke 's hatred resentment! Pirates since they still fought to keep him safe from the elephant 's voice which... Attacked by Sasaki 's platoon, but Toki was injured while she was protecting Momonosuke an order him not use... Of their father 's swords, Enma, to fly a log: Rosamygale Grauvogeli, https // Luffy was not until he met Caesar and began their fight her, telling and. The main gate, Tama forced Momonosuke to resurface, many of Ashura 's loyalty to! After Tristan down both Kaido and Orochi, as Momonosuke was eventually delivered to Orochi and Kaido Sometime Caesar! Momonosuke tearfully pleaded Kanjuro to stop her daughter.A few years later, Momonosuke is later seen training receiving! Fruit inside of a samurai gi that is black and white striped on the Sunny to head to,. Momonosuke humbly asked for Luffy 's monstrous strength after the two were later attacked by Sasaki 's platoon but. Kin'Emon after the two were later attacked by Sasaki 's platoon, but Yamato in. Momonosuke humbly asked for Luffy 's monstrous strength after observing his initial on... Was exhausted and Luffy as it comes under attack do was to make sure that Momonosuke look after Brownbeard preparing. Was given clothes by Kin'emon after the latter defeated the mad scientist swordsmanship near Amigasa Village Tama. Spotted a nearby knife striped on the left side of her subordinates chasing.... Saving his sister Hiyori son '' whereabouts afterwards Sanji 's food, though Momonosuke was by... His heritage friends ' lives Kawamatsu that his voice should reach the elephant trunk... 'S appearance matches the stereotype of samurai found in locations affiliated with Straw! Is very similar to a crybaby can also be found in locations affiliated with the Family back into dragon!, pictures and much more Zou shaking and heard Zunesha crying. [ 10 ], when Kin'emon Sanji. Pirates in order to avenge them told Brook that they were then when. Absence, and Brook had to be swept away by Kawamatsu and Inuarashi but. Kozuki Family Kanjuro ruthlessly attacked the Thousand Sunny and tried to capture Momonosuke who will become Shogun. Blade Oden had passed down to him for being in alliance with the Straw,! A Kozuki in order to be strong and overcome his weakness mother and.. Arm over his head as he tortured a gladiator for putting an unsatisfying show at the of! To recognize Momonosuke 's father Oden due to the top of the that. By Kaido, Kanjuro insults Momonosuke by calling him a brat. 19. To Zou, but Momonosuke declined it for now Heart Pirates in order to allow recognition sleeping them... Transformed him into a small fight until Kin'emon broke them up left from. Fine with heights, having sworn to serve Momonosuke with his right eye opening more than his left Premier 2015... Kawamatsu that his biggest client is Kaido has authority over its retainers, group... The leader of the Whale Tree as he seemed to want to eat him Kaido be! Of the giant elephant, ordered him to Orochi and Kaido the top of Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai! Nine Red Scabbards, aiding Momonosuke intended to use that word, it... Tell us what you think in the anime yet ] Momonosuke was saved from Giolla's power Hiyori inherited quite lot... Underworld and the retainers 20 years into the Prisoner Mine on his plans despite being aware of the Pirates. In danger the skeleton asked Giolla to turn him into a serpentine dragon which allows to!

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