No factual basis here for what I have said, and unless Toriyama says so, never will be factual, but I see a clear connection here as to why Freeza’s forms, especially 2nd, look so close to the way his father looks, how he has forms created by his own hands, and his more than likely ties to race mutation as explained so far. The Ninja Turtles would be jealous! Well that’s fine, and I accept that premise, but not good enough to explain that King Cold has more forms, but didn’t show them. And lastly manga statements from the Freeza arc all the way to King Colds death about Freeza’s strength, prowess, and position in the universe, which were never contradicted in the Mecha Freeza transition. Trunks wasn’t worried about Cold, he knew Freeza was the biggest threat and Cold was secondary fish. Unlike Nappa however, King Cold is more like a major character who served a minor role. All of the clan members are noted as being very powerful, however Frieza and Cold are stronger than the rest due to being mutant members of th… In any regard, this article will not be about how he was killed, but rather a topic that has been discussed many times within the fandom; Can King Cold transform like Freeza? He also loses his nose, with his face becoming completely flat. Powerful mutants serving a supremely powerful mutant. You would think that if Cold could transform, he would do so to a level equal to or near his son’s power level, or whatever his max power level is, then take the sword if need be. Notice that Ginyu says “Like us”, which would suggest that at the very least he and Jheese are mutants, most likely meaning all of them (Recoome, Batta, Guldo, Jheese, and Ginyu) in the GF were. Well that is a toss up really. However, it is possible that Dodoria was, and especially Zarbon with his transformation. Freeza has 4 forms (not counting his Golden form in the new film) which we see progress from form 1 to form 4 (true form). Cooler(age 4): Around 2.75 million. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Frieza is the target boss in both Story Quests #17 and #18. Not only that, but Trunks blatantly gave Freeza time to power up and even told him he should. While Cold does possess this form, he was never shown to be using it besides when "Ginyu" used it to fight with Videl of Universe 9. The idea is pretty simple. It could also suggest that Freeza had a good mix of more powerful mutants as well as non-mutant soldiers serving under him. He is a re-occurring villain in Dragon Ball Sai, with many cameo appearances in other series. One measly hole through his stomach and he was out. If we start counting all these “could haves” when nothing indicates the “could haves” then we end up with all these different scenarios of what could have been when they really were not, such as my Goku VS. Freeza example above. So between everything touched upon in this guide as well as basic logic, we can assume that more than likely King Cold has no other transformations and was in his true state the entire time. Freeza looked like a spoiled child getting whatever he wanted from daddy (hence the Team Four Star Abridged parody of it), but in reality he was stronger and was calling the shots, and Cold was happy to accommodate his beloved powerful son. Freeza was stronger than his father. First, we get into the idea that Freeza is a mutant of his race. King Cold was said to have been born nearly three hundred years ago, though his parents are unknown. Now people like to suggest that Trunks didn’t give King Cold enough time to transform. His golden form outclassed the new Super Saiyan Blue transformations of the Saiyans. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Biography 3.1 Background 4 History 4.1 Dragon … However, unlike Super Saiyajins, Cell and so on, who transform upwards to power up, Freeza’s forms actually work in reverse, as he transforms downwards to power up. Queen Frosta: 10 million. King Cold is capable of being calm and confident and is willing to disrespect anyone he pleases as he does not fear their retribution. were most likely the non mutants where as his higher up soldiers such as Dodoria, Zarbon, and the Ginyu Force, were most likely all mutants. This was pre cyborg integration, therefore Freeza was even stronger than he was on Namek, but was still suppressed to less than his 120 million power on Namek. But do you see what I see there? This article, King Cold, is property of Ten Tailed Fox, King of Planet Geyser, Emperor of the Planet Trade Organization. After only four months of intense training, Frieza managed to attain a level above Goku or Vegeta. Assuming King Cold was actually in his 2nd form and had more forms (no proof that he did) He'd obviously get stronger than Frieza and Stronger than first time SSJ Goku. If he could transform I highly doubt he would have gambled his life away with the whole sword concept alone. Now it is no cold hard fact that Freeza is a mutant, but maybe as we go along, you will see my point more and more and see where my logic is coming from. If you start making it sound factual or logical that Cold could transform then you must in turn say it is logical or factual that Gohan could go SSJ3 against Cell if he wanted and just didn’t because he didn’t feel it was needed or whatever silly argument would be made for that case. Everything suggests he cannot, therefore, it is “stupid” to assume he can simply because Freeza can and his NON CANON brother could as well. Non canon is the key word there. The series would soon go on to debut Cooler, and soon after King Cold. That smells of desperation to me. His son however, took on Goku’s final blast as well as an entire planet exploding in his face (Where Cold himself said his son wouldn’t be taken out by a mere planet exploding), and yet Cold is killed by one small blast through his gut. Assuming that his transformation works the same way as Freeza's, there is no way in hell Trunks could win. King Cold used the time that the finger beams bought from Gohan to get behind the Demi-Saiyan and kick him straight on the back. His power level undergoes a dramatic increase, increasing to nearly 11,000,000. It seems, however, that he has gained control of this power since then. ( Log Out /  Trunks wasn’t worried about Cold, he knew Freeza was the biggest threat and Cold was secondary fish. He initially wasn't able to control this form, and Frost has stated that Cold has inadvertently destroyed several world when taking this form. As a descendant of Chilled, he is aware of the Super Saiyans' legendary power, but does not seem to fear it as much as his son does, due to his disbelief that anyone can pose a threat to him or his clan. Now I am not suggesting that every one who served under Freeza was a mutant. Like with most Frost Demons, King Cold's fourth transformation is by far his most dramatic in terms of changes in appearance. Makes no logical sense. In Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge, it is revealed tha… Not to mention in every single scene we've seen of King Cold, he's always been in that form. I assume that King Cold is simply following the Arcosian's natural sequence of transformations, but I take into the fact that his base form when he appears in the original series appears to be the same as Frieza's form after having already transformed once. [citation needed] According to the Daizenshuu, Frieza was also inspired by Toriyama's second editor, Yū Kondō. However; as things actually happened in the Dragon Ball series itself, I have always came to the more than likely conclusion that King Cold had no other forms and was shown in his true state during the Mecha Freeza segment. Freeza on the other hand, while powering up obviously, transforms downward and gains more and more power each time he transforms closer to his true, natural state of being. Like his sons and other members of his species, King Cold can transform to maintain his power. If you wish to explain why Cold didn’t even attempt to transform other than the tired old excuse of “Trunks didn’t give him enough time” which I clearly debunked with logic, as well as the whole “saving grace sword” argument, then I’d like to hear it. The argument that he can transform but didn’t just because isn’t valid. All your family revives in his respective first forms. In this state his power was comparable to that of the Super Namek, having been capable of giving a hard time to Gast even though he couldn't properly control his power. Many times in the past some fans have entertained the idea, and have gone so far as to adamantly state that Cold can transform just like his son. With the exception to Cooler and Kuriza, their naming structure is derived from things related to low temperature. His power level, before transforming, is said to be nearly 1,000,000. But with this statement we at the very least know that Freeza entrusted his most serious combat missions and high stakes battles to his supreme army that was comprised of mutants. His skin is darker than Frieza's, but much lighter than Frost's. Not much is known of their origins, as their home planet is never mentioned. It is stated in the Dragon Book that King Cold appears to be the type who increases his abilities by transforming. In his third form, Cold's skull elongates, though not as drastically as Frieza's or Frost's, and grows two sets of horns, which have reverted back to their white coloration. Why wouldn’t he be able to? Freeza shrugged it off and foolishly doubted this “Super” Saiyajins abilities, even after seeing “those eyes!”… So what is my point? Cooler being non canon of course has no bearing on this topic. Is King Cold in his 2nd form, or final form in canon? King Cold is easily the strongest member of his species. All known members of this race have been from a solitary family line, Frieza's family. I could agree that may be more than likely true, but that simply isn’t the case as things unfolded and we learned the reason for Freeza’s transformations. Change ). He is one of the few canon characters to appear in this universe. This works in reverse to let’s say Goku for example, whose base state is his true form and his natural state. According to Daizenshuu 2, Toriyama was also inspired to create Frieza due to the events of the Japanese economic bubble that had occurred at the time he was writing the Saiyan Saga, with Frieza specifically being based on real estate spec… Cocky, yes, but not smart. I for one would like to think Freeza admired and respected his father. ( Log Out /  Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I believe all of those point clearly to King Cold not having any other transformations as well as a possible hint that all of Freeza’s race truly looks like Cold. Not a quality fit for someone who has even 1 much less multiple transformations left. So this in turn raises the thought; perhaps Freeza is a mutant as well. He just saw his more powerful son just get slaughtered, sword or no sword. As the father of Freeza, he is a pretty big deal. Just like his counterparts from Universe 12 and 14, King Cold most likely … I mean, I know Dragon Ball as a work of entertainment fiction really holds no true value in the realm of “logical sense” in a universe where guys can fly and destroy planets with a blast from their hands, but within it’s own fictional universe, certain statements feats, acts, portrayals, implications, etc… hold their own value in and of itself within said fictional universe. He was voiced by Jason Douglas. I feel that being that Freeza’s forms were created by him, most likely unique and only to him, didn’t you ever wonder how funny it was that second form Freeza looked so similar to his father? His size doesn't increase any, though his body's appearance doesn't resemble his previous or future form. In fact it was reinforced that what was said in the Freeza arc when Freeza called himself the strongest being in the universe (Mind you, was the truth then because Buu was sealed up for who knows how long, and the androids/cyborgs/Cell weren’t a thing yet) and so on was true, and that Cold was not stronger than his son, thus most likely had no other forms either or they would have been shown or at the very very least implied. First of all nothing in this article is stone cold proof of the fact. No one else ever suggested or implied they needed help with this until Freeza came around. Akira Toriyama didn’t want to give King Cold much screen time, it was just a transition. Probably what did happen in Trunks’ own timeline, but in this timeline, different case all together as obviously Trunks himself was the game changer. Kuriza greatly resembles his father Frieza. The fin-like growths on his wrists have remained from his third form, and an identical pair grow on his calves. With the possible exception to Kuriza (Frieza's son in the manga Nekomajin), their naming structure is derived from low temperatures. His arm plates grow fin-like horns and his eyes also lose their pupils. King Cold is a very cunning being. Considering that his first form would be about equal in power to Mecha Freeza (power level of 120 million), and first form Freeza has a power level of 530k, that means that King Cold would be 200x more powerful than Freeza. He set the standard for the rest of the members of his family who appear in the manga and anime as a villainous character. They also pride themselves as being the strongest race i… That's his form. Psychologically this could be positive or negative, or a mixture of both. This was stated by Ginyu in the manga when confronting Goku for the first moment. Simply this, Trunks gave Cold enough time, just as he did for Freeza. The increase in power he receives in this form is tremendous, dwarfing all of his previous transformations and putting him close to 20,000,000 in terms of power levels. Freeza’s forms are actually suppression states that he mentioned creating himself, uniquely to control and restrain his power, as his full power was too much for him to control without them. He transforms upward into SSJ and beyond to gain more power, each form taking him further and further away from his true, natural state of being. The fan made pics and depictions go on and on, but these are what you see most. He must stay in his second form or beyond. First, let’s cover two major issues and hints…. I for one won’t bother estimating a percentage here, but I would like to think he suppressed himself to a decent degree to relax a bit while the grunts took out everyone, Freeza toyed with Piccolo and Vegeta in his suppressed state, and once Goku arrived, he powered up to full. Mutant meaning he has differences about him, genetically, that do not go hand in hand with others of his race, including his father. Freeza being a very possible mutant is the reason for his true form looking different with no horns and such, and having his suppression forms to begin with, as well as how they looked. According to Cold, like all members of his species, his fourth form is his true form. Most of Frieza's family are employed in high stat… The closer Goku is to his natural base state, the less strain on his body. Basically what I am suggesting here is that Freeza is most likely a mutant of his race, thus the needs to create these forms as well as his extraordinary power, and that King Cold is nor a mutant or has any reason or ability to create other forms. They know when they need to transform, and I am sure that after seeing his powerful son being struck down, Cold would have taken that opportunity if available, then took the sword if he needed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Cold's shoulder "plates" also extend outward from his body (resembling the shoulder plates of his battle armor) and four horns grow out; two on his shoulder plates and two on his back. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Nothing in your so called definitive guide proves that Cold can’t transform. So that once again does it for yet another entry into this definitive guide everyone. The horns that have been present in each of his other transformations are no longer present and his body takes on a much more human-like shape; being almost exactly identical to Frieza in his own fourth transformation. Cold is stated to be strong as well, but Freeza is suggested to be even stronger by Yamcha asking if Freeza (the bigger power) was always this huge. This causes him to live a life of revenge, plotting to show the Saiyans and all the beings of the universe the the true power of his people. The closer Freeza comes to his true, natural state, the more strain is put upon his body, such was the case when he went 100% and his ki drained at an accelerated rate. His power is such that, according to him, it is physically impossible for him to regress to the first form of his species (used by his sons as their base form). It makes things more imaginative and fun to think he could, and think of what those forms would look like, and the power that would accompany them, such as has been depicted many times. 5 Interesting Things You May Not Know About Dragon Ball. King Cold: 100 million in his second transformation. Despite the tremendous power granted by this form, however, King Cold is still no match for a Super Saiyan. King Cold (コルド大王, Korudo Daiō) is the father of both Frieza and Cooler, and the "secret" leader of the Planet trade organization.1 Like Frieza and Cooler, King Cold's name also refers to low temperatures pero mas cold pa rin replies ni crush. My second argument for this case seems to have been somewhat reinforced in the new film Fukkatsu No F where apparently Freeza has a complex for his father. Due to the incredibly long lifespans of the Frost Demons, he never has to worry about his plans not coming to frutation eventually. Secondly, if he wasn’t a mutant and was “normal” for his race, why the need for outside forms to control your power? He wears an enlarged version of the standard Battle Armor over his chest, along with a black cape much like King Vegeta's, signifying his royalty. I think that speaks loudly in the direction that Cold had no other game, no other options, and what we saw was him and potentially, his whole race in their one and only true form, horns and all. ( Log Out /  He is shorter than his father, has a chestnut-shaped head and his bio-gems are either purple (in the manga) or brown (in the games) in color. The original canon Manga implied that Cold was nearly equal to Frieza. I have nothing against these entertained ideas and concepts, and as a matter of fact, as far as Multiverse is concerned, it is more than a possible conclusion to think Cold in another universe could transform just as his son. If you are an above average soldier/warrior yourself because of a mutation, why not employ other highly powered mutants to comprise your most powerful force of soldiers? No cause for concern. Frieza's name is a pun on all things relating to the cold, with family members introduced later following his example.As his name ends in a short "a" vowel (rather than the long "ā" which usually signifies "er" in kana spellings on English words), the character's name is typically spelled with an "a" at the end (as opposed to "Freezer"). In the English anime, this form is referred to as his true first form, probably because of his father's form. He already heard tales of this battle in his own timeline most likely from his mother and so on. Freeza most likely surpassed his father as quickly if not quicker than Vegeta surpassed his. He also uses faster energy beam attacks while in this form. I mean really. Toriyama could have easily cranked out one or two more short chapters with Cold transforming at least once before Trunks finished him, but he didn’t. Like the rest of his species, King Cold seems to have great hatred towards all Saiyans for the way his race was defeated in the past, supposedly by a Super Saiyan, hence the fear of the legendary warrior that exists in his family. He was stated to be able to increase it a lot more by Gohan who felt Freeza’s true power first hand on Namek. His speed, however, reaches a new height in this form, being even greater than Frost's in his own third form. King Cold cannot transform Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Feel free to comment and follow this blog for future entries. Much like in my last article about Nappa, King Cold is yet another one of those characters that don’t get (or deserve) much attention in the bigger picture of Dragon Ball discussion. Yes and no. It is interesting to mention that the effects work opposite of one another as well. The flashback scene was great with King Vegeta, The destruction of the Saiyans, and Zarbon. That’s like saying Goku could go SSJ3 against Freeza if he really wanted to but didn’t when everything in the story pointed to Goku only being able to possess SSJ strength at the time. The grunts and scientists (Which made up probably 95% of his army, good mutants are hard to find after all!) ( Log Out /  Trunks would have allowed King Cold to transform just as he allowed him to play with his sword. The most notable would be the second pic, which is King Cold’s “True form” from the fan manga, Dragon Ball: Multiverse. 1 Appearance … According to Freeza, this transformation's power level is over 1,000,000. He helped birth one of the biggest villains in Dragon Ball history, and helped him return for a short stint as well. He's revived when Kuriza steals the Blank DragonBalls and wishes to have all your family revived. It was never suggested, implied, or shown that Cold had other forms. What version of the manga is this, this can’t be a Viz release. King Cold ranks among the tallest villains in the series so far, being physically even with Kageri in height, and his physical appearance is strikingly similar to his sons, looking nearly identical to Frieza's second form and very similar to Frost's second form. His power level, before transforming, is said to be nearly 1,000,000. Cooler has no basis on this topic as in regards to the canon universe he doesn’t even exist, meaning Cold only had ONE son, Freeza. Later several other members would appear. Said Saiyan stumbled forwards and King Cold used the opportunity to attempt to blast Gohan into an oblivion. Freeza obviously had a tier system in place within his empire. Some say a lot, some say he was probably around 100 million. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The dome plate on his head is colored dark blue (though in the light it can appear to be teal), along with his horns that have lines on them and are seemingly longer than either Frieza's or Frost's in their second forms. Not to make him stronger, but to make his power weaker and more easily controlled. Super will be coming out soon, and I am sure there will be plenty of posts about it as well as time goes on. However, Frieza had bit the bullet too early and should've spent more time training. Secondly, what with everything shown, stated, hinted, or implied, it is most reasonable and logical to say he cannot transform. It would make sense. So what does this have to do with him being a mutant? Then you look at how fast the Mecha Freeza segment went by. All known members of this race in Universe 7 in the manga and anime have been from a solitary family line, Frieza's family. It is a nice idea and an entertainingly satisfying concept of course. It was blatantly stated. In fiction we go by what is shown, stated, and implied to create REASONABLE facts or in this case, near factual as you can get. I may have suggested it as proof in my eyes, but not stone cold, indisputable proof in general…. In fact, all I saw was Cold inspecting the sword and talking a big game while Trunks basically stood there and shrugged his shoulders. King Cold is an antagonist in the Dragon Ball Z series, and the father of both Frieza and Cooler. From then on, his sons, and other members of his family, ruled the Organization, using it primarily as an empire. While it was impressive to see Freeza’s father for his short 15 minutes of fame, he was an unimpressive character who was defeated more easily than Freeza was on Namek. Little is known about his rise to power, except that he created the Planet Trade Organization when he was the young age (for his species) of fifty. He is not above using kidnapping and murder to gain the upper hand against his enemies. Trunks would have allowed King Cold to transform just as he allowed him to play with his sword. Cooler(birth): 2.64 million in his fourth transformation. King Cold is more powerful by far than the canon character. The resemblance is almost uncanny if you ask me. Makes more than enough sense to me. The form he was born in. You can call it inept ability if you want. Not much is known of their origins, as their home planet is never seen. Its stupid to think he can’t do it. Frieza's father is a mutant with an abnormally high power level. King Cold is the Frieza's and Cooler's father, husband of Queen Ice and King of the Torkesians. He threw in the towel all too easily. He must stay in his second form or beyond. However, because of his inexperience with his true form, Cold couldn't endure a long batt… He serves as the secondary antagonist of the "Trunks Saga". He can, however, contend on an almost even level with one, compared to his sons, who were easily beaten in their fourth forms by a Super Saiyan. King Cold(Maximum power):vsCell: By some freak accident, the Vargas have actidentally teleported King Cold to Earth before the Cell Games start. ... No, it was Cold's final transformation … What makes me say that? Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz certainly were not, and I am sure most of his grunt to mid-tier soldiers were not. It may have been solely for hype, but it was there. Because it certainly wasn’t Trunks giving Cold no time. His power is such that, according to him, it is physically impossible for him to regress to the first form of his species (used by his sons as their base form). This in turn makes me assume he is also a mutant with extraordinary power that his race in and of itself simply has no idea how to control, thus he needed to find other measures to do so and clearly never got the naturally suppress your ki memo. Another of Cold's ambitions is to surpass the Super Saiyan, the very symbol that his people fear above all. Name pun and debate. Mutants with “above normal” means of attaining such high power levels when compared to the rest of the soldiers AKA “normal non mutants”. By his own account, as well as that of his son Frost, he easily outstrips both Frost and Frieza in terms of power. It is worth noting that Freeza never mentions that he himself is a mutant in the manga, however, it is no secret that Freeza seemed to enjoy having mutants with great power serve him; as their mutations were the cause of their greater than “normal” power. That Cold felt cornered and had to make a quick decision, and decided Trunks’ sword was his real saving grace, so he went for the sword. The first and most notable member of the Frieza Clan to appear in the series is Frieza himself. He just saw his much stronger son being sliced and diced and blasted to smithereens, that’s all. Frieza(age 2): 105 million maximum, but 463,750 in his first form. He is shown to be able to execute his plans perfectly without attracting attention to himself or his plans. But to take the sword right off the bat as some gamble? After being cut in half by his own attack and being caught in Namek's huge explosion, what remains of the still-living Frieza is salvaged and rebuilt with cybernetic enhancements by scientists under the order of King Cold; this form is referred to as Mecha Frieza (メカフリーザ) in video games. Enter your email address and click the follow button to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Some argue Cold was just as cocky as his son, which I am sure the king is very cocky, sure, but his son whom was stated to be much stronger, just got killed, you would think that visual confirmation would trigger at least an attempt to transform on Cold’s part.

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