Just click on the Facebook icon at thescoperadio.com. Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news. Especially when it comes to a surgery like hip replacement. Dr. Gililand: I would say it's about 90 to 95% of my patients that I do hip replacement on get anterior approach and a small percentage will get posterior approach based on certain factors. . About Us. (Pago con tarjeta de crédito), Benefit from the advantages of using the Top Doctors pre-payment system, Por favor, realice una nueva búsqueda para aplicar filtros, Orthopaedic surgeon We're going to talk about that next on Scope Radio. Dr. Miller: That's pretty good basic advice. Dr. Miller: Now, you do the anterior approach in your practice? So that's really where the surge and popularity of the anterior approach came in as well as it being a little bit less invasive, smaller incisions and patients like to think that's it's muscle sparing as compared to the posterior approach. . With the posterior approach we give you certain precautions or positions to avoid for dislocation. In 4000 surgeries metal-on-metal (cobalt and chromium) ions have not been an issue for his patients. Weekly emails of the latest news from The Scope Radio. References Inverarity, Laura. They are certain cases when I will do revision surgery through an anterior approach but that really is somewhat select. (6), Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Miller: Two approaches to have your hip replaced, which one's best for you? Research recently presented at a meeting of orthopaedic specialists shows that patients often fare no better with minimally invasive hip replacement than those having a standard hip replacement -- and may do worse. The Latest Procedure: Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement Surgery It's got a significant learning curve, probably around 100 hip replacements before you really are competent with the approach, and so patients may not know that their surgeon has had very little experience on the approach yet says that they do the approach and the surgeon may say that they prefer that. Dr. Miller: Why would one do an anterior approach or why did the posterior approach become ascendant? Dr. Gililand: The honest to goodness truth is you should have your hip replaced by a surgeon who knows what they're doing from what approach they're using. There's definitely less concerns for positions of the hip in terms of dislocation. If you like what you heard, be sure to get our latest content by following us on Facebook. One of the best specialists for hip replacement surgery to consider is Dr Kevin Koo of The Bone & Joint Centre. Dr. Gililand: Absolutely. When it comes to your health, you should always be careful what you read online. He is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed surgeon who has been in the field for over 15 years. When it comes to your health, you should always be careful what you read online. Selecting just one hospital per state, each chosen medical center excels in one or more measurable category, while matching or outperforming the national average in most, if … Most of the time we're using the posterior approach, again, because of the nature of it being a more extensile approach that gives us better visualization of both the pelvis and the femur. Either approach or one in particular? Know your approach and know it well. No one can definitively answer this question, but what we do know is that the benefits of performing hip replacement surgery in younger patients may outweigh the risks of surgery. The two versions of this procedure are endoprosthesis and Hemi resurfacing. Hemiarthroplasty is a good hip replacement alternative treatment and used when half of the hip joint is replaced. Hip replacement surgery can be overwhelming, but with the help of your doctor or physical therapist and your motivation to stay active, you will benefit from your hard work and regain independence in no time! Dr. Miller: But other surgeons in your practice will utilize primarily the posterior approach. If they are not comfortable with it, they can find somebody else who may be comfortable to do that approach but we offer all approaches here at our practice. It's been around since the 1950s, It's just taken a hold, I would say, in the last decade as a . So I think for the patient who's looking to have a particular approach, they should listen to what the surgeon does mostly or what the surgeon recommends and not try to push him in a direction that the surgeon is not comfortable with or less comfortable with.

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