CIDAN Rapido

CIDAN model RAPIDO is a heavy built mechanical guillotine shear who will cut material thicknesses from minimum to maximum without any settings at all. RAPIDO proves our philosophy regarding the environment as it uses very little energy and has a very low noise level. 

RAPIDO is well equipped as standard and also has a wide range of options such as different back gauge systems, including sheet handling systems.  

Standard Tulajdonságok

  • Single or continuous stroke control
  • Double edged blades
  • LED cutting line light
  • Finger protection
  • Squaring arm with scale (380 mm)
  • Table with measuring lines
  • Spring loaded hold down beam
  • Button to start the cut at the electrical cabinet
  • Foot pedal to start the cut
  • Pneumatic sheet support with fixed return plate (blanks to front side of shear)


  • Manual back gauge 0-800 mm operated from the front side
  • Motorized back gauge with CutLink Control and ball screw spindles, 750 mm or 1000 mm
  • Pneumatic sheet support with rolls, delivery to rear
  • Moveable blank wagon instead of fixed return plate (extra blank wagon is available)
  • Pneumatic hold down beam for use with soft material
  • Mechanical safety guards for machine back side (safety guard is required to fulfill CE directives) 750/800 mm or 1000 mm
  • Table extension, 800 mm
  • Adjustable angle gauge system with graduated scale
  • Squaring arm 1000 mm, with or without T-groove and tilting stop 
  • Squaring arm with T-groove, 2500 mm with tilting stop
  • Forced cooling for cutting motor