CIDAN model EVO is the strongest shear in CIDAN's shearing line. EVO is a heavy built mechanical guillotine shear and is well equipped as standard, blade gap adjustment, sheet support that follows the sheet down during the cutting operation and flexible table rails is some of the standard features, including some "nice to have's" to match the requirements of demanding customers.

EVO is available in three lengths from 2550 mm up to 4100 mm and have the capacity all the way from 0.3 mm to 4.0 mm mild steel in the same machine (valid for EVO 25).
EVO can be fitted with a manual back gauge (800 mm) with quick positioning from the front side of the machine and digital outread, the next step is the motorized back gauge with 750 or 1000 mm ball screw spindles including CutLink finger touch control. The EVO can be configured in many ways, thanks to the unique T-groove rails on the machine front where the sheet handling equipment can be re-arranged and exchanged. The machine is suitable for handling sensitive material through the wide variety of sheet handling equipment and pneumatic sheet support.
EVO proves our philosophy regarding low environment impact as the shear has low energy consumption, has a very low noise level and is designed for maximum serviceability.

Standard Tulajdonságok

  • Sturdy, low-noise gear motor (no chain and no hydraulics)
  • Single or continuous stroke control
  • Double edged blades for twice the running time
  • Finger protection
  • Blade gap adjustments
  • Spring loaded hold down beam
  • Foot pedal and button at the electrical cabinet to start the cut
  • Pneumatic sheet support with return plate (blanks to front side of shear)
  • Two T-groove rails on table for optional flexible sheet handling equipment
  • LED cutting line light


  • Manual back gauge 0-800 mm operated from the front side
  • Motorized back gauge with CutLink Control and ball screw spindles
  • Pneumatic sheet support with rolls 1000 mm (blanks to rear side of shear) 
  • Moveable blank wagon instead of fixed return plate (extra blank wagon available)
  • Pneumatic hold down beam for cutting soft material like aluminum
  • Adjustable angle gauge system with graduated scale
  • Safety guard for rear side of the shear - mechanical or with light guard (safety guard required to fulfill CE directives) 750/800 mm or 1000 mm
  • Squaring arms, in length from 440 mm to 3000 mm, with or without tilting stops
  • Support arms in front, in length from 416 mm to 3000 mm, with or without tilting stops
  • Table pans, with or without ball transfers
  • Forced cooling for cutting motor