Cidan Machinery

CIDAN Rapido

CIDAN model RAPIDO is a heavy built mechanical guillotine shear who will cut material thicknesses from minimum to maximum without any settings at all. RAPIDO proves our philosophy regarding the environment as it uses very little energy and has a very low noise level. 

RAPIDO is well equipped as standard and also has a wide range of options such as different back gauge systems, including sheet handling systems.  


CIDAN model EVO is the strongest shear in CIDAN's shearing line. EVO is a heavy built mechanical guillotine shear and is well equipped as standard, blade gap adjustment, sheet support that follows the sheet down during the cutting operation and flexible table rails is some of the standard features, including some "nice to have's" to match the requirements of demanding customers.

CIDAN Lemezkezelő rendszerek

 When cutting thin materials the sheet must be supported during measuring. A sheet support system prevents the material from hanging down until it reaches the back gauge rail. Additionally RAPIDO and EVO shears can be supplied with different systems to deliver the cut-off sheets to the front or to the rear of the machine.