Cidan Machinery
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CIDAN folding machine K15 is extremely quick and easy to use, built in a sturdy all-welded construction with cast iron legs and side frames. K15 is built for continuous running under the most demanding conditions. The machine is adapted for all types of folding of thinner materials.


CIDAN folding machine K25 is a fast and easy to use machine, made in a sturdy all-welded steel construction with cast iron side frames for stability. K25 is built for continuous running under the most demanding conditions. This machine covers a wide range of different usage areas and is for example appropriate for the manufacturing industry, repair workshops, sheet-metal shops and sign manufacturers. Both the folding beam and the clamping beam have twin drives.

CIDAN Futura

CIDAN folding machine FUTURA has a revolutionary construction and modern design. Our decades of experience are reflected in both the technology and design. FUTURA is efficient at folding a wide array of parts with high demand on precision and rapid adjustments to small lot sizes or single part production. FUTURA is incredibly flexible in its design and is adapted for production of complex parts with high precision and productivity.

CIDAN Futura Plus

CIDAN folding machine FUTURA PLUS stands for strength, speed, flexibility and operational comfort. The combination of the ProLink control system, motorized back gauge and operation via foot pedal makes it possible for one person to fold parts up to 4100 mm (161"). Our decades of experience are reflected in both its technology and its design. This machine is efficient at folding large parts in high quantities with precision and it is possible to make rapid adjustments to set up for single part production.

CIDAN Prolino

CIDAN folding machine PROLINO'S advantages is that it can fold complex profiles and large panels with high precision, increased flexibility and productivity. PROLINO shows significant improvements in profitability compared to a press brake.


CIDAN folding machine PRO is our most versatile machine with many features as standard. With the integrated back gauge it is possible to use the machine from the front for complex parts. Heavier material and larger parts can be handled from the back of the machine to improve work ergonomics and increase the quality. It is possible to replace two operators with one and still produce parts up to four times faster and with better accuracy compared to a press brake.


CIDAN’s robust PRO Z model is foremost for folding complex profiles and heavy material. PRO Z folds both up and down to eliminate the need for an operator to flip the material. This provides excellent opportunities for time-efficient folding of complex parts with one operator. While designing the PRO Z, CIDAN had three priorities, safety, speed, and flexibility. With the capacity to fold both directions and the machine’s wide range of movement, our engineers were able to achieve all three priorities.

CIDAN Megapro

CIDAN folding machine MEGAPRO is built in a sturdy and solid construction, which is important to be able to fold perfect details in 6 mm (1/4") steel or 4 mm (9 ga.) stainless steel (applies on 3100 mm (122") folding length). The sturdy beams withstand the powerful folding forces by means of a very strong construction. MEGAPRO has many intelligent functions like automatic adjustment of sheet thickness, folding center and crowning. MEGAPRO also has an automatic tool locking-system as a standard feature.