through arts education. Former arts students were significantly less likely to be involved with the criminal justice system than were former non-arts students: Adults who had taken arts coursework were . The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is the primary federal entity for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data related . Arts education encompasses a range of activities in the visual arts, in music, in drama, in dance and in literature. Research conducted by the University of Sydney, involving primary and high school students from 15 Australian schools, examined their academic and personal wellbeing outcomes over two years.. Each additional year of arts coursework was associated with a . layers of the mind, Sculpture mirrors the inner self - —— This is Art education .This is why we need Art education .Art education is the area of learning that is based upon • The visual, tangible art • The performing arts 1.2.2 THE VISUAL An artist uses paper, canvas, … This is essential for … It found that students who actively engage with the arts at school were more likely to experience academic and social success than those who didn’t. The authors would like to recognize the school principals and teachers in public elementary and secondary schools who provided data on arts education upon which the report is based. Engaging in activities related to arts and crafts from a very young age leads to a tremendous improvement in hand-eye coordination. schools should provide high quality music education as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. In general our own arts are undervalued in both the community and school, and the artistic The benefits of arts education are universal and researchers have identified some of its key returns when included as an educational feature during the early years. than those without high school arts coursework to have ever been arrested. Social Benefits. The Benefits of Fine Art Integration into Mathematics in Primary School Anja Brezovnik1 • The main purpose of the article is to research the effects of the inte-gration of fine art content into mathematics on students at the primary school level. 9% reduction Misconceptions such as the belief that an arts education does not offer sufficient employment opportunities or economic benefits are still common. Introduction Arts education is part of the new National Curriculum for Australia. We used the technique of scaling and instrument evaluation scale that was specifically designed for this research. For successful implementation however, the curriculum in primary school requires teachers to be capable and confident to teach all of the arts … Sample consisted of 162 teachers (N = 162) in primary and secondary schools. Arts education allows schools to provide the students with knowledge of ethics, see social realities and understand their rights and responsibilities. arts in primary schools throughout Australia. Here are six reasons the Arts are important: The Arts develop children’s motor skills. 26% less likely . In 2014, it is scheduled for implementation. • New music education hubs will take forward the work of local authority music services from September 2012, helping improve the quality and consistency of music education across England, both in and out of school. The importance of expressive arts in education. arts' performers are inferior to those from overseas. By offering art education in the school system, all children get a chance to stimulate their imaginations, as well as their cognitive and problem-solving skills. Art education is a creative opportunity for kids, according to Abrakadoodle, a national art education program. This will help a child during later primary school years when she or he is spacing out words or forming letters. Through the arts education, people may learn to address and embrace diversity, present emotions and differentiate values in the world. Arts education is inte g r al to primary education in helping to pro m o t e thinking, imagination and sensitivity, and arts activities can be a focus for social and c u l t u r al development and enjoyment in school.

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