Prima Power LPBB
A kompakt LPBB gyártósor feldolgozza a lemeztárolóból érkező fémlemezeket és készre hajlított, magas minőségű terméket gyárt teljesen automatikusan. A gyártósorba integráltuk a lemezlyukasztás, lézervágás, hajlítás és inteligens alkatrész kezelési munkafolyamatokat.


  • Same investment – more capacity
  • More production with less floor space
  • Less storage and work-in-progress
  • Less man hours and more machine hours through unmanned operation
  • Shorter lead time for product changes and new products
  • Excellent surface and edge quality
  • Practically zero times for setup – fast, automatic change from one product to another


  • Servo-electric and fiber laser cutting technologies  less energy – less waste of material – less CO2 – practically no hydraulic oil
  • Space saving and automated – less factory logistics
  • High efficiency – more output during machine run
  • High material saving – less burden on the environment  

LPBB – the compact Prima Power FMS

Prima Power LPBB is a compact, flexible manufacturing line processing blank sheets into ready-bent, high-quality components. The Prima Power years of experience guarantee that the solution for each function, as well the overall engineering of the system, are based on thoroughly proven knowhow in
  • System design
  • Software
  • Machine tools and cells
  • Material handling automation
  • Customer support and
  • Service
  • Automatic storages for flexible buffering

LPBB – piece by piece as you need

Very fast reaction times are expected in modern production. Machines need to be flexible and extremely fast for quick response to production orders, often very small quantities. With storage integration to LPBB requirements can be met as COMBO FMS® and Night Train FMS® storages can provide a number of materials whenever needed without delay. Further, since storages can serve as intermediate buffer for stacked components, material flows from storage and direct from cutting head to bending process can be combined and the utilization rate of the panel bender improved.

Equipped with an automatic storage the LPBB line is the perfect solution for lights-out production of even the most intricate components from a variety of materials, which can be changed, as programmed, automatically.

When fast raw material change is required due to manufacturing process, COMBO FMS storage can be connected to LPBB line with loading device LD for fast loading of individual sheets using a special gripper. Thus the COMBO storage crane has a dual function: handling sheets stacks on cassettes and loading individual sheets.

The sheets are transferred into an integrated punching – fiber laser cutting cell. After cutting the components are picked and stacked by a gantry robot for buffering and subsequent bending in an automatic bending cell. Alternatively, parts can be directly transferred to the bending process on conveyors.

  • Automatic information flow from programming to production reporting (monitoring of the order to delivery chain)
  • An integrated production system, reducing the whole fabrication process into a single stage
  • Fully automatic manufacturing stages
  • Fully automatic material handling including intelligent buffering
  • Minimum manufacturing time, maximum production time
  • Optimal value stream from raw material to ready-made components