Prima Power eP

Gyors, pontos, hatékony, környezetbarát, csendes, kis karbantartás igényű szervo elektromos élhajlító-gép.


Energy saving
50% lower consumption than hydraulic brakes on average

30% shorter cycle times on an average and short setup times

Part quality
High repeating accuracy thanks to O-frame construction, servo-electric drives, sophisticated tooling system

Low maintenance cost
fewer critical components than in hydraulic machine


Less energy and waste of material = less CO2

No hydraulic oil = no hazardous waste

Easy programming and high accuracy = less waste parts

Higher productivity = less machinery for the same production


Press tonnage

eP-0520: 55 tons  eP-1030: 105 tons  eP-1336: 130 tons

Bending length

eP-0520: 2040 mm  eP-1030: 3060 mm  eP-1336; 3655 mm

Servo electric bending technology by Prima Power

ep smallThe new eP-Series press brake by Prima Power is based on extensive experience in press brakes and servo electric machine tools for sheet metal working.

The innovative machine concept combines productivity, accuracy, flexibility and reliability with high respect to ecological aspects – we call this concept Green Means®.

The eP is available in three models, eP-0520,  eP1030 and eP-1336, with different press tonnage and bending length to meet any production requirement.


ep smallServo-electric drive system: sustainability and manufacturing efficiency and productivity, greater versatility, outstanding accuracy, lower power consumption, less maintenance and no oil to purchase and to get rid of
pulley-belt system actuated by Prima Electro servo-drives distributes the bending force over the whole bending length
5-year warranty for the mechanical drive system in combination with annual maintenance agreement
rigid and stable O-frame ensuring:
tool alignment even under stress deformation
excellent ram position accuracy and repeatability with bed-referenced linear encoders measuring upper and lower beam relative position
flexibility: there is no throat limitations for long parts (typical of C-frame structure)
gauging over the whole bending length
Prima Electro Open Control: MSWindows based, two processors, operator –friendly 17” touch screen user interface, 2D graphical on-line programming and 3D visualization for Auto-Pol off-line programs
easy-to-use and effective AutoPOL off-line programming
block Laser safety equipment by Lazer Safe, most advanced solution in terms of productivity and protection level
angle measurement option: high speed digital image processing technology to measure the angle of the formed work piece on every cycle with automatic correction of the bend program
AQ-bending follower: no need of a second operator for supporting big parts
Wila tooling system (recommended): quick accurate and flexible