Prima Power Shear Genius


A Prima Power Shear Genius az integrált lemezlyukasztás, darabolás, automatikus lemezbetöltés és komponens kiadás vezető technológiája. Sokszáz rendszerünk bizonyított már világszerte három évtized alatt.


Lego concept design = SGe line grows with your demand

More capacity, quality and cost-efficiency

Automated flexible fabrication

No skeletons, less punching scrap - savings in raw material

No nibble marks

Reduced manufacturing costs

Faster return on investment

Brush tables for low noise level and to maintain perfect sheet surface quality.

30 tons punching force up to 8mm = various end user solutions

Shearing saves punching tools = fewer hits, less wearing = faster production and part flow

One SGe cell = production of (average) 3 stand-alone machines = save floor space and manpower


Operations can be handled from one side = simple, efficient factory logistics

Average power consumption: 5 kW = less use of energy

Extremely high servo-electric punching and forming accuracy = less scrap, accurate forming

Fewer critical components compared with hydraulic machines = low maintenance costs

Robust ”O” type frame for perfect tool alignment = less wearing of punching tools

Full 3 m working area without repositioning = higher production volume and time savings

High material saving = 10% (average) better sheet utilization compared with stand-alone machine


Max sheet size

SGe6: 3,074 mm x 1,565 mm  SGe8: 4,300 mm x 1,565 mm  

Ram force   300 kN (33 US Tons) in turret / Max index tools 384 / 128

Hit speed, max. 1,000 hpm

Positioning speed, max. 150 m/min

Index tool rotation speed 250 rpm

Servo-electric excellence in integrated punching and shearing

sge smallThe vast majority of all fabricated sheet metal components are rectangular, so a highly economical method to produce them is to perform first punching and then shear the components loose in the same automatic process with an integrated right angle shear. Also, parts with two or three straight edges are perfect for fabrication with a right angle shear.

The Shear Genius® philosophy is to provide one machine capable of transforming a full sized sheet into finished parts with scrap separated. These parts can be moved to final production stages without the need for secondary operations for costly material handling between loading, punching, shearing, sorting and unloading.

With Shear Genius® you can use pre-cut sheets, but normally standard size sheets are processed while major savings are achieved through efficient nesting. It is important not to think that this is the only way that Shear Genius® can be operated. When you need just a punching operation, Shear Genius® can be operated just as high-accuracy, high-performance turret punch press.

Today, right angle shear technology is used throughout the industrial world in most varied applications, in independent production cells, or in central units within automatic material handling systems up to a factory-wide FMS level.


sge small2All the versatility and capabilities of Prima Power E series punching technology
The intelligent right angle shear:
Outstanding accuracy
Programmable sheet holder
Automatic blade clearance setting
Support of large work pieces
Part and scrap sorting
Optimum shearing stroke according to the part
Long blade life
Reliable automation with part stacking and sorting
Designed for mass production
The turret layout is is always customer-specific and up to 384 tools.
MultiTools® for additional punching versatility
Upforming with programmable NC servo axis
Intelligent Stroke Control (ISC)
Rugged “O” frame
Shearing unit up to 5mm aluminium, 4 mild steel and 3mm stainless steel


C-Conveyers – Drop boxes to max. 1, 000 mm x 1,200 mm parts
SU6 – Smart sorting conveyor under C-conveyers – shorter length of manufacturing line
STS – Part stacking and sorting solution up to 4,300 mm length (STS8)
COMBO – material storage to longer unmanned production
NT – Night Train storage for real lights out operation